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How much sleep in daytime for 7 mo?

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mildmaygrovenorth Fri 07-Feb-14 04:09:24

My DS slept well until around 5 months. Now, at very nearly 7 months, he is waking hourly. A quick pat on his tummy an a gentle 'shh' will get him back off until he wakes around 12 and I have to feed him. (I don't think heis hungry but wants a gentle send off on the breast). Co-sleeping is/has made no real difference to him waking.

He is teething but really doesn't seem in pain at all. (He doesn't wake crying and is generally a really happy little chap).

We started BLW at 6 months and it is going well but he is still BF on demand.

Is it possible he is sleeping too much in the daytime? He normally has three naps. He wakes between 5-6am, first nap is two hours later (for an hour), second nap two hours after waking from the first (for an hour and a half), third nap around 3 or 4 pm (for 45 minutes).

How much sleep do/did your 7 mo get during the day?

Thanks all...feeling rather weary now!

cupcake78 Fri 07-Feb-14 04:32:24

My 7 month old is the same. Similar sleeps during the day but maybe shorter. 40 mins is as long as I get. Usually its one long nap 40 mins and two 20 min catch up naps.

She's waking a lot during the night! Sometimes for milk but mainly not.

BotBotticelli Fri 07-Feb-14 15:02:33

OP, your LO's naps sound similar to what my DS was doing at that age. Although I think it was around 8mo that he stopped having the 4/5pm nap, as I found he wasn't going to bed properly in the evening anymore.

So around that age I started stretching out the awake times a if DS woke at 6am, instead of putting him down for a nap at 8am, I would try to stretch it nearer to 9. And then if he slept till 10am, I would then try to stretch him out to 1.30pm for his afternoon nap. The idea being that he would then have a nice long nap until 3pm ish, and then that would be it for the day. No more naps and into bed exhausted at 6.30pm. Might be worth a try?

Also you might find if you do this, the 5am wake ups might stop, and your LO might start waking around 6 (or later!) more regularly. That's what happened with my DS.

mildmaygrovenorth Sat 08-Feb-14 03:12:58

Thank you both! I think I am going to start trying to stretch the awake times as you suggest.

Yes, 5am is rather early. We live in a hot country where everything starts early...which I can handle IF I'm not up every hour in the night!

Same again last night...zzzzzzzzzzzz

Liveinthepresent Sat 08-Feb-14 04:45:08

mildmay my DS is 7 and 1/2 months - his naps are very similar and I consider this pattern ideal at the moment - he couldn't manage without the third nap when I tried it. For me things are better if he isn't overtired at bedtime - 2-2.5 hours from last wake up is best - thrn he settles himself to sleep easily.
I haven't found the naps massively affect the frequency if night waking yet - but we have been through some phases of hourly waking but I am now getting some blocks of 4-6 hours.
Good luck

cupcake78 Sat 08-Feb-14 08:45:56

I hope things get better. My dd is waking 5 times a night and I have no idea why hmm. I hope its simply an age thing smile

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