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Did your newborn sleep in the same room as you? Opinions on NCT Bednest or any other bedside sleeping cots for newborns

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kjh5 Thu 06-Feb-14 14:44:58

I'm due to have my first in 10 weeks and am beginning to think about sleeping arrangements for when we bring him home. He'll have his own nursery but I'm hoping to breastfeed and even if that doesn't work out, considering how often they need to feed to begin with, having him in our room to begin with seems like a good idea. I should add that reaction from both DM and MiL (who 'aren't interfering - honest!') is one of horror that we would even consider having a newborn sleep in the same room with us - apparently DH and I both slept in the nursery right from the start...

Anyway we have a really small two-bed flat and so I half thought having him sleep in his pram carrycot would be a good idea to save on money and space but I've just seen links to a few bedside cots like the NCT bednest or the SnuzPod. They seem to have rave reviews but are on the expensive side. I just wondered if anyone on here used them and had any advice or opinions on how good they are? I'm also slightly concerned on how having the baby in the same room as us is going to affect DH's sleep as he'll be taking two weeks off when the baby first arrives but then going back to work. There is no space for me to sleep in the nursery, but we do have a tiny flat and it is a 10second walk away from our room, if that.

Any thoughts or advice from experienced mums welcome!

LittleBabySqueakSqueak Fri 07-Feb-14 00:33:32

DD slept in her pram for the first few weeks and then into her moses basket. I found that I needed the light on to check her latch and make sure I didn't fall asleep and we couldn't get the hang of feeding lying down, so a bednest wouldn't have been a huge advantage to us. She went into her own room at about 3 months, once she was reliably doing longer stretches at night. Other risk factors were low, we're non-smokers and she's fully breastfed so I was ok with that risk, but you might not be. It's your choice, not your mum's or MIL's. You'll find what works for you.

HazleNutt Fri 07-Feb-14 10:01:26

I tried with moses basket, but had to twist myself at funny angles to get him in and out, so we got a co-sleeper. Luckily we didn't go for any of the smaller ones, but bought this (they deliver to UK)
DS turned out to be a really tall baby and would have grown out the smaller cots in a second. Can't recommend it enough, made night time feedings a breeze. The Fabimax also has a 4th, lower side for when he started to wriggle out of his bed and onto ours.

tobiasfunke Fri 07-Feb-14 10:39:41

We had a Mamas an Papas bedside cot- a bit like the bed nest but full size so it lasted him until he was two. There are downsides. Firstly if you just want to lean over and get them it's not that easy and you usually have to remove your bedside table if you want them up near you- which is a pain as I had all sorts on there. I also found it quite hard to get out of bed as I had to skoosh down and then get out. This was really hard for the first 6 weeks due to my episiotomy stitches.

Misty9 Sat 08-Feb-14 19:46:33

We had bednest for first and, to be honest I wasn't that impressed with it. The mesh side has a bar in it so when lying on bed you can't really lie on it or slide baby across it. Didn't last much beyond 5 months and ds wasn't a big baby.

I'm seriously tempted by snuzpod or troll bedside crib as we can't do cheaper option due to needing very high cot for our enormous divan mattress.
I think you'd recoup a lot of initial cost with reselling too smile

MrChow Sun 09-Feb-14 23:30:39

Co sleeper absolute life saver and was lovely for night feeds. Would never use a Moses basket again! When she was bigger and rolled we took the side off her regular cot and used this until recently when she went in her own room (16m)

Would never recommend having a newborn in another room. SIDS risk is much higher. Babies regulate their breathing by being next to you too.

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