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dream feed question

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AmyInWonderland Thu 06-Feb-14 11:46:48

have also posted this in feeding...dd is 10.5 months but miles away from sleeping through so we're continuing with a dream feed about 10pm. As this has always been boob as she refused a bottle it hasn't been a true dream feed as she does wake up a little. I always worry that this is interrupting her sleep patterns and setting us back. So wondering about doing with bottle instead but how do people do this? do you still pick them out of cot or can you pop teat in and they'll drink in their sleep (in cot) or might that be a bit choky?? would appreciate any advice, thanks

ilovepowerhoop Thu 06-Feb-14 14:17:27

no I wouldnt bottle feed lying down. I used to lift ds out of the cot to dream feed

devondumpling5 Thu 06-Feb-14 16:11:24

Hi, we used dream-feeding very successfully with ds and bottle. I have heard some people talk about just popping the bottle in their mouth with them lying down but I never could bring myself to do this for fear of his choking so would always gently lift him out and cradle him to feed. We were lucky that he used to go back down and to sleep fine. Good luck.

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