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3 month old what to wear to bed problems??

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MrsMuskett Tue 04-Feb-14 11:08:15

Hi guys, my little one has started to wriggle in the night so I don't feel right leaving him with a blanket tucked in in case it goes over his head in the night, changed him to a grobag but he likes to spread his legs wide when he's asleep n ends up waking cos the grobag isn't wide enough, they all seem the same sizein 0-6 n the 6-12 r too big that he'd slip down, I'm just wondering if a think baby grow would be enough or not? Obviously don't want him to be cold, its usually 20-21 degrees but drops in the night so not sure what to put him in?

SnottyNoses1 Tue 04-Feb-14 14:09:34

By 3 months your little one should be fine with a sleeping bag. It depends how big your baby is and the bag. As long as they don't fall into it i.e. their head stays on the outside! I think they're great and used them from about 6 weeks. But my babies were all quite large. Hope that helps smile

hydeyhi91 Tue 04-Feb-14 14:40:07

I live in a flat where the second bedroom is the only room without double glazing so very careful about making sure my dd doesn't get cold.
Always have heating on a nice temperature and sometimes put on a extra little cardi over her gro bag.

GreenSunrise Tue 04-Feb-14 14:47:46

My DD is a similar age. We were given a 'walk in sleeper' as a gift when she was born as an alternative to a sleeping bag. It is basically a padded 2.5 tog babygrow which my DD wears on top her normal vest and sleepsuit. Because it has legs she can stretch out as much as she
likes so your DS might get on well with something similar? Ours came from mothercare.

MrsMuskett Tue 04-Feb-14 17:41:46

Thanks green sunrise think we'll try for one of them, it'll be comfier for him x

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