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Anyone else's baby play instead of sleep in cot at nap time?!?!?

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claremoss Wed 29-Jan-14 19:55:23

My 6 MO For the last 2 mornings (coinciding with only one night wake for 2 nights) has played in her cot for an hour when I have put her down for her first nap. After an hour I have had to take her out to get her to sleep. She doesn't cry, moans a bit but not much. I have waited until she is grizzly, rubbing her eyes etc etc before quick story and feed and she is definitely tired so why wont she sleep? This is normally her 1.5 to 2 hours nap!!! Help?!

Havingkittens Wed 29-Jan-14 21:42:19

Has she recently started sitting up on her own? This was about the time I started struggling with getting my DS to have cot naps. I have to put him to nap in his buggy at the moment so he's strapped in and doesn't try and sit up or roll over and start crawling which seems to be a really strong compulsion at the moment.

claremoss Wed 29-Jan-14 22:26:28

she has been sitting up for a while, couple of weeks I would say...but an interesting theory...she is kicking around in her room yes....and she will nap in the buggy strapped in, but not at home, which means lots of walks in the rain at the moment!!

Havingkittens Thu 30-Jan-14 21:59:14

I have ended up putting my DS in the buggy as if we're going out and then leaving him in the dark hallway and he often just falls asleep there before we even leave the house. His naps are quite unpredictable. Sometimes 20 mins, sometimes an hour so if there's an activity we could go to within an hour I will put him in the buggy in a jacket or pram suit. That way, if he's still asleep I can take him out and see if he wakes up in time to do the activity.

I discovered this by accident, like you, thinking I would have to take him for a walk but then put him in there and went to the loo and did a couple of quick things before potentially going out and then he just went to sleep and I carried on doing stuff in the house until he woke up.

I can take him out from napping in the buggy at home, but I can't do it the other way around. If he falls asleep out walking he will wake the minute we get to our front step which is annoying as he often stays awake for the whole time we're out and then falls asleep 5 mins from home!

claremoss Sun 09-Feb-14 10:12:52

havingkittens, I tried the buggy idea, and it worked! we have now abandoned the cot for naps and have all the naps in the buggy at home grin))))))

MadameJ Sun 09-Feb-14 10:18:02

Both my 2 have always napped in the prams, I find it so much easier. Dd1 only started napping in her bed when dd2 arrived and needed the pram!!

Havingkittens Tue 11-Feb-14 10:33:15

claremoss, I'm glad to hear it worked. My LO is taking longer naps too since he started napping in the buggy. If I'm in the lounge with him when he wakes and murmurs I can often rock him back to sleep too.

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