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BedNest - how travel friendly, and is a gap between mattresses a deal-breaker?

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Faither Wed 29-Jan-14 01:29:05

Hi all,

We really like the look of the BedNest and are trying to figure out whether it'll work for us; we were hoping for a 'definitive' answer to a couple of queries now that the BedNest has been around for a good while.

We need to transport the cot a few times for use at stays with grandparents both in the UK, and also for extended stays in the USA. So my first question is:

i) How easy would you say it is to travel with the folded BedNest by plane? Would it fit in a big suitcase, say, or is the weight simply too much to justify international transport?

We also have the Ikea MALM bed that's referred to in similar posts on Mumsnet, and some people have reported issues with the gap between the edge of the bed mattress (which has a ledge around it) and the BedNest cot mattress. So my second question is:

ii) Does a folded towel adequately fill the gap and allow safe transfer of baby when the BedNest side panel is folded flat over the towel? And surely there can't be any major issue with the gap (towel or no towel) when the side panel is fully in place?

Would really appreciate any experiences, good or bad, that will help us decide, and any other issues of relevance. Also of help would be any other recommendations for adjustable height co-sleeping cots that can be easily transported from place to place.


pinkr Wed 29-Jan-14 16:44:15

I think the bednest is quite heavy...I struggle to carry it any great distance but it does folks down quite neat and I take it in my car when visiting etc.
Not sure about the gap... When the side is folded down its not nice to lie on... There are metal rods.... so I used to drop it down between the bed and crib and just fill the gap with a towel. I then worried about that and now I just keep the next beside our bed with the side up. To Be honest the sliding back and forward that people talk about never happened with me...I always had to lift her so it made no difference really.

FrumiousBandersnatch Thu 30-Jan-14 00:01:39

It is heavy, but not impossibly so (although if you need to fly with it do check its weight and the luggage allowances). IMO some of the promo seems to suggest that you could treat it like a Moses basket and move the cot part from room to room with you but I couldn't have safely lifted it with DD inside and carried it up / down stairs, even at birth.

There's no gap in our configuration with a standard divan bed so I can't help with your ikea query, but I agree with pinkr that the metal rods in the fold-down side aren't suitable for baby to lie on, so s/he needs to be entirely in the Bednest or entirely in your bed. I also lifted her over but that's partly because I kept my bedside table as I needed the lamp, so our Bednest is level with my tummy rather than my head as it's really supposed to be.

Bednest01 Sat 01-Feb-14 08:30:23

Hi faither - we at bednest would love to Answer your questions in more detail so please email
Briefly, as has been suggested do check with airline but we have many people successfully take them on flights.
We do also offer a 30 day money back no quibble guarantee if you found it did not meet your needs.
Regarding the side panel - it is wood, not metal in them to keep them secure and sturdy (rather than dangerous loose fabric) and most parents tell us they sleep with the side panel half up as you can still hold hands and see your baby, lowering the bridge to move baby backwards and forwards. One of the benefits is that it is very versatile.
We would also never recommend carrying your baby in it when you move it. Nor should you a Moses basket as handles have often broken.
The bednest is designed with sliders to match your mattress with it so there is no gap or ledge which can be dangerous. The lowering side panel ensures this as well.
We have lots of reviews on our website and our Facebook page if you would like to read them or please contact me.
Good luck with your decisions

workingtitle Sun 02-Feb-14 10:03:57

I would find it too heavy to travel with on a plane. We do take ours with us whenever we go away by car and do what pinkr does with the gap,ie don't fold the side panel over the bed just shove a towel or muslin in the gap. Never had any problem with that and I really like that DS has 'his' bed when away from home, it definitely helps his sleep.
For overseas trips we use a travel cot.

workingtitle Sun 02-Feb-14 10:05:13

Ps we also have the bednest slightly lower down the bed like Frumious and I find this way easier for transferring in and out for feeds.

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