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Will he ever grow out of catnapping?

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Littlebagoflaughter Tue 28-Jan-14 14:42:40

Since about 3months ds has been a catnapper during the day, he wakes up after 30mins exactly even in the car. Before then he would sleep well in all sorts of places, cot, sling, bouncer, car seat, he didn't self settle but was easy to get to sleep. As he was sleeping well at night i didn't worry about the short naps but then at 4months his sleep went horrible so following advice i focused on his naps to make sure he wasn't overtired. I discovered that he will have a decent nap in the sling so from about 4months he has had all his naps in the sling which i saw as a short term solution having read that he will grow out of the catnapping around 6-8 months. He is now 9months and it hasn't changed. If I put him down he will wake up after 30mins and I cannot get him back to sleep without the sling. Today I fed him to sleep on the bed and stayed snuggled with him, 30mins later he's awake, won't go back to sleep by feeding so is now in the sling. Is self-settling the only solution? He self-settles at night so I know I can help him learn I just hoped he would naturally start to have longer naps, on a good day he has 3hrs across 2naps so I know he needs the sleep! I'm just starting to find it a challenge physically and am worrying that he'll never grow out of it. Dh & I would like to try for another baby & remembering how tiring the 1st trimester was it would be great if he would even just nap on the bed with me so I can lie down too!

MinesAPintOfTea Tue 28-Jan-14 20:05:42

He grow put of it. Ds had a nightmare cat napping phase but before he was one was having two hour naps (can't remember exactly when the phases started/ended)

Does he get upset if you both lie down for a nap? Because if he'll happily lie there I've just have the nap these days I would be climbed on, poked, hair pulled...

Chickz Tue 28-Jan-14 20:06:53

I wish my dd would nap for more than 30 mins too.
Used to have her downstairs but now she's upstairs to avoid noise etc but that still hasn't helped. I put her in sleeping bag and also introduced a short nap time routine but still no joy getting her to sleep for longer!!
I'm afraid I can't help or offer any advice. Hope someone else can! Good luck!

Littlebagoflaughter Tue 28-Jan-14 21:43:07

haha Minesapint, he doesn't get upset but likewise I will get poked and grabbed so no way it will be restful! And he needs the sleep because I put him in the sling and he sleeps for another 90mins. I will keep hoping that he will grow out of it by himself.
It's a pain isn't it Chickz, makes it very hard to get things done. Though now he has started crawling he can play for ages without my input which is a massive help, I hope things get better with her naps soon!

daluze Tue 28-Jan-14 22:58:38

My DS was the same from 3 till 11 months. The only way I could resettle was by lying with him in bed and cuddling. He was ok at night in his cot. From about 11 months he suddenly started napping longer. Now he does either 40 or 80 mins. And today in the nursery he slept 3 hours! Don't know what they did to him!
They change, but you never know when... and life is SO MUCH easier when they nap for longer.

Littlebagoflaughter Wed 29-Jan-14 10:12:34

Thanks daluze you're giving me hope, it would just be so nice to do house stuff when he's sleeping so we can play when he's awake, he is so much fun!

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