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Gradual retreat or CIO for 22mth old?

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Thisisnotworking Tue 28-Jan-14 12:12:12

I have got to do something as I can't go on like this. DS is almost 5 and only since about 6 mths sleeps through (5 nights out of 7). DD is 22mths and has had phases where she slept through, but then woke at 5/5.30 confused. Atm she won't even go down in her cot but wants to sleep in our bed. We co slept with DS and he still comes to us / DP's side but I am over it. I can't sleep with do many people in the bed, I toss and turn and worry DD will fall out (which she has a few times). I need to sleep! I am becoming a horrible mum. snappy, shouty, stressed and I plonk them in front of the tv for hours whim I try to sort the house or my head sad
So right now I am sitting in DD's room in the dark waiting for her to fall asleep. She is calm, but it has been 45min now! Every time I get up she starts screaming.
So plan was to sit here til she falls asleep and continue so throughout the night. No pick ups. I have explained this to her, not sure she understands, prob some of it but of course objects and wants to 'go mummy's beddie'.
How long will this take?? Hours every night for weeks on end?? Or should I just bite the bullet and let her scream? I fell bad doing that, but I feel worse being such a shit mum to them with the sleep deprivation. Of course if I were a better mum in the first place I would have helped her sleep better by now...sad

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