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Help, 4month old won't settle after night feed

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skb1982 Tue 28-Jan-14 02:46:49

It's currently 2.45am and I've been up since 12.30 with my 4month old. She's been fed, burped, put down, left to cry for 15mins, picked up, settled, put down, left to self settle (no luck), fed again, burped again, put down again and still she cries.

I've tried controlled crying, the no sleep solution, sleep sheep, everything and nothing seems to work. I'm at my wits end as I have to be up in 3hrs with my toddler.

Please does anyone have any advice?

ToddleWaddle Tue 28-Jan-14 02:59:04

Have you changed nappy? She may just be going through a growth spurt or teething.
4 months is a little early to start controlled crying and trying different methods in such a short period of time may just be confusing her.
Can you pop her in bed with you? Might settle better.

wellieboots Tue 28-Jan-14 03:02:56

teething? pain? does she settle with a cuddle and then just not stay asleep? you could try a hot water bottle in the cot before putting her in, or an old t-shirt that smells of you.

wellieboots Tue 28-Jan-14 03:05:36

agree also that 4 months is very young for sleep training, because they need to understand cause and effect a bit even those who suggest it don't normally say to use it before 6-12 months. Good luck!

TheTruffleHunter Tue 28-Jan-14 03:10:22

I've just got my 10 month old off to sleep - I can't imagine leaving her to cry for 15 mins, really is that what you think a tiny baby should be learning?!?

skb1982 Tue 28-Jan-14 03:18:18

She settles quite well in the day time leaving her to self settle for 5/10mina but for some reason at night she won't go back down. She's definitely tired as she falls asleep feeding and in my arms but as soon as she goes into her cot the eyes open and she starts crying.

Please don't think I am a bad mother for trying to leave her to settle herself. I've tried different things over periods of time as this is a recurring theme, but when you've been awake for over 2 hrs and you're on your own because your husbands away what else are you to do?

skb1982 Tue 28-Jan-14 03:38:36

I should say she doesn't always cry when it's sleep/nap time just sometimes and letting her cry is heartbreaking and stressful for all but when you feel you've exhausted all other avenues what are you to do ? That's why I'm asking for help.

damnitchloe Tue 28-Jan-14 03:44:58

Really feel for you OP, two is so tough. Have you tried a dummy? Does she just want to suck? Xx

ToddleWaddle Tue 28-Jan-14 15:08:24

Did you get some sleep op?

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