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So we've successfully night weaned, BUT she still wakes up!

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HairyPorter Mon 27-Jan-14 16:02:54

Sigh... I tried self settling (did bugger all to help as dd would self settle but still work up numerous times). We're night weaned for over a week now BUT she still wakes up a couple of times in the night asking for milk and then will grumble for a few seconds when I say no and go back to sleep. She's 16m and when we were travelling visiting family recently, she slept through the night beautifully. Back home and the antics restart. I have resorted to having a fan on all night (yes I know it is winter but I was trying to figure out why she slept through while on holiday but not in uk).... Any advice?

Woodifer Tue 28-Jan-14 06:03:02

Was it warmer?

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