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Hungry or comfort feeding??

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alexjune13 Mon 27-Jan-14 10:27:16

My ds is 7.5mo and loves his much so that he started waking 1-2 times every night for extra bf! sad Ive tried leaving him to settle w/o bf but just doesn't work, last night I was up with him for 2hrs between 2-4am when I eventually gave in and bf...he fed for jus less than 10 mins before he fell asleep.

Jus wondering is he comfort feeding or could he be hungry?? Here's a sample of his daily routine:

8.15am Up & Dress
8.45am Brekkie - Porridge / Weetabix
9.30am Bf
10.00am NAP - usually naps for 45min - 1hr
12.30pm Lunch - Meat & Veg or Fish & Veg - 2 tbsp.
1.30pm Bf
2.00pm Nap - again for approx. 1hr
4.00pm Bf
6.00pm Tea - Toast/Rusk in his hand & also a yoghurt or fruit puree
7.00pm Bedtime Routine - Play / Bath / Bf / Sleep - He's great to go to bed as have had same routine since he was jus 8wks old but lately he's been waking at around 11.30pm and again around 3am sad

Would to hear from other you think is this a bad habit he's got into or if I should give him more food during the day in case he is actually waking up hungry?? Tks mums!

TodayIsAGoodDay Mon 27-Jan-14 22:19:55

Have you dropped any of his daytime feeds? I would consider increasing those rather than the solids as that is more likely to fill him up. DD was still breastfeeing around 6x per day at that age.

alexjune13 Tue 28-Jan-14 11:37:07

Thanks will try offer extra bf and see if that helps! smile

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