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Rhythmic movement disorder

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Madallie Wed 22-Jan-14 16:53:27

My dd has this. She is 2.1 years old. I just wondered if anyone else has a toddler/child with this?

Dd bangs her legs and head when falling asleep and when she stirs in the night. She also does it when waking in the morning, until we go and get her up. She also hums/moans to herself while doing this. She is not upset by this and goes happily to bed every night but I find it very stressful as each episode is very loud and can last quite a while. Consequently I find it quite difficult to sleep and get woken up a lot. Some evenings she does it on and off once she has gone off to sleep so I find it very difficult to even get to sleep. She tends to stop doing it/do it less frequently after about midnight by which time I am so tired. I am also 38 weeks pregnant at the moment so am really struggling with the lack of sleep.

Just wondered if anyone has any experience of this?

Madallie Fri 24-Jan-14 15:36:06

Bumping in case a new day brings any posters.

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