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Help me get a routine baby! Fed up going with the flow!

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jaybirdsinginginthedeadofnight Wed 22-Jan-14 15:34:01

DS is nearly 5months, so far we've been going with the flow regarding naps and bedtime. So far a day typically goes
6.30 wake, bottle
7.30 nap around 40mins
9.30 nap 1-11/2hrs
11ish bottle
12.30 catnap
1.30-2 nap 1hr
2.30ish bottle
Then there is no set pattern to the rest of the evening sometimes he'll sleep 2hrs from 4-6, sometimes just catnap for 40mins at some stage but generally ready for a bottle at 6.30-7. Then well it's hard to know sometimes wide awake sometimes sleeps a bit, generally hungry again between 9.30-10pm.

Should I try to structure his naps? Or just keep going with the flow? I would really like some routine in our lives, I thought he would settle into one himself. Just wondering what others have done, did you wait for the baby to fall into a routine or did you do it for them??

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