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2.5yr old waking every 2 hrs

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Shhhbabyno5 Wed 22-Jan-14 13:54:26


I'm really at the end of my tether with this one I hope someone can help.

For the last 6 months our 2.5yr olds sleep has deteriorated significantly. Prior to this she prob slept thru 8 times out of 10. Currently she wakes every 2hrs.

We've tried sleep training to no avail, I have 2 older girls who sleep beautifully, 7 til 730, although it was only achieved with an element of sleep training so I am at a total loss where to go from here.

We have a 4week old who sleeps better!

The only way we are managing any sleep is if DH sleeps with her from about midnight but even then she is waking whilst he is with her.

Does anyone have any experience of this at all? Any advice? I have asked the health visitor for help and we are currently keeping a sleep diary and I am really looking for a referral to a sleep clinic in the future. Does anyone have any experience of this also?

She is telling us sometimes she is scared, sometimes it appears she is awake when she isn't and also sometimes she is experiencing night terrors, I'm finding the thought of her frightened quite upsetting but I just don't know how to help her.

I had sleep problems myself as a child and to be honest I have never really been able to sleep on my own well even now if DH is away my sister stays with me! I don't want a future like that for DD3!

Thank you for getting this far and thanks for any help anyone can give x

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