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Getting the baby out of the bed!

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darjeelingdarling Thu 23-Jan-14 21:18:58

I'd read the no cry sleep solution - written primarily for those in your situation. Essentially it's about getting them used unlatching and falling asleep off the nipple (the 'pantley pull off') but it can take some practice! I've used it successfully but he does still do the constant suckling thing when teething. but I know the signs now so give calpol.

You can also Google Dr Jay Gordon method but he recommends its used for over 1's. It's first step is the pantley pull off so you could do that bit, moving to the other bits when lo is older!

Dr William Sears also writes about this sort of thing on his website and books.

all of these are options are pro cosleeping if that's how you wish to go.

some people have dived right into the 'off to your own room' scenario but I think it depends on the child. my ds is too clingy but is actually gradually dropping the 'feeding' at night, happy to just feel me or a cuddle and a suckle for comfort if he needs it. As I said, if it's the all night stuff, it's illness or teeth.

hope you find a solution soon

CuteLittleToes Thu 23-Jan-14 18:12:55

Have you tried a dummy?

wightjellybaby Wed 22-Jan-14 13:04:57

I kinda had the same problem I couldnt put my dd downshe screamed as she reached the horizontal untill she was about 7mths. We put her cot right next to our bed with the side down and gradually sheeked her further over each night untill she was totally in over about a month but then we got her a sleeping bag and she loved it but she takes a small muslin cloth with her to bed and chews it like she would on the boob. I think she felt we'd abandoned her if we laid her down and left her in the cot.

monalisa28 Wed 22-Jan-14 12:55:22

My son is 6 months now and I have breastfed him exclusively. We just started weaning, and during the day he goes 3 hours between nursing. But during the night it's another story. He co-sleeps with me in my bed and has to be latched on most of the night or he doesn't sleep. Once he's snoring away I try to unattached myself and roll over to get some sleep but usually within half an hour he cries and I have to let him latch on again.
I've Googled it but have got information overload now and my sleep deprived brain can't cope. How do I get this baby out of my bed and in to a cot?! If I start him in the cot he screams. If I move him to the cot in the night he screams. I'm always worried during the night that he'll wake my toddler so I let him have his way.

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