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2.1 year old

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EspressoMartiniToGo Wed 22-Jan-14 21:46:26

My daughter is the same age. She sleeps 8.30pm to 7am and then most days has a nap of 1 to 1.5 hours after lunch. If no nap then she goes to bed about 7 so same sleep time. About 12 hours total. Same as you!

Madallie Tue 21-Jan-14 18:10:15

Is it common for a toddler of this age to have about 10-10.5 hrs of sleep at night and a 1-1.5 nap after lunch? Just wanted people's experiences/opinions. Doesn't seem a lot compared to what I read 'experts' say but wanted to know if any other toddlers are similar to dd.

Also if they are, what time do your toddlers nap, sleep and wake?

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