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ds slowly killing me...need sleep...must sleep... any advice/experience?

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itsincognitome Fri 27-Dec-13 12:09:07

NC but regular, very dark times that i don't want following me around. 16 wk ds has never slept more than 4 hrs and that was only twice. Naps 2 x 45 mins am which is a struggle then whatever we can get in pm courtesy of pram/car/bouncer. He's bf, goes down fine at 7pm after bedtime routine, then wakes hourly til I go to bed (co sleeper crib). From then on, he wakes every 90 mins & will not settle without a feed, attempts lead to hysterics. By about 2am I have no resilience and co sleep. DH in spare room with ear plugs as shift worker & smoker, does/can/will not do now at moment.

I'm thinking 4month sleep regression, but with the added delight of a week of d&v bug leading to up to 10 nappy changes a night but he still has a sore bum that metanium is not really helping with.

So, am I right in thinking anything goes to get sleep when they're ill? Do you just have to ride out the regression when he's better? Its slowly killing me, my dh found me in tears at 4am today after the 9th freshly changed nappy of the night was filled and leaked all over the bed, ds & me. I swear I'm losing the ability to function normally, I feel so sorry for little ds as he's under the weather, sore bum, grumpy mummy who has little tolerance for entertaining him. God what a mess.


itsincognitome Fri 27-Dec-13 21:01:46

Off to shops for camomile in the morning, thank you! Do i just make a cup, let it cool & cotton wool it on?

He has always refused a dummy. He found his thumb for a week or so which worked like a dream & was when he slept 4 hours on 2 consecutive nights, but he doesn't fancy that now either. Its maddening as he's always chomping on anything else at the moment, no sign of teeth yet though.

PeanutPatty Fri 27-Dec-13 23:06:54

Yep, make up with boiled water and cool then apply at each nappy change and where poss leave to air dry. Obv no nappy time really good if you can and lots of nappy changes, I'd do hourly whilst so very sore.

Stating the obvious but have you tried white noise? Lullabies? Ewan the Sheep?

itsincognitome Sat 28-Dec-13 08:32:19

Thank you, god the thought of no nappy......urghhh! Not at the moment.

Checking & changing hourly. Yes Ewan is hanging off the crib bars and my iPhone is full of white noise apps. Doesn't seem to do much. He's a resilient little thing.....

He had one 3.5 hr stretch last night which felt amazing, hopefully we'll get another tonight.

addictedtosugar Sat 28-Dec-13 08:58:15

Sleep deprivation is torture.
Couple of thoughts: express a little BM for hit bottom - its like a magic cure for lots of baby ills before you can get to the shops - works with conjunctivitis also.

Shift work, OK, so you won't get help at a fixed time, but you need sleep. Ideally 4 hrs min in a block. That was the block of sleep that turned me from a disaster zone to a vaguely functioning zombie. Even on an 11 hr shift, and a 1 hr commute each way, and 8 hr sleep, that leaves DH with 3 hrs of quality time with his son. He needs to do it - and you need to use the time for zzzzzz, not cleaning the house.

I'd try more than one size up - so if your on size 3's, I'd consider a 4+ as the top layer.

PeanutPatty Tue 31-Dec-13 20:47:21

How's it going?

itsincognitome Tue 31-Dec-13 23:05:15

Thanks patty still got the squits, day 11 now but it is a bit better. Have the camomile but tried fresh aloe vera gel first which seems to be doing the trick. Have had some better nights, still multiple wakings and nappies but not as bad as it was. FX for more improvements!

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