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Anyone used a 'Blankets and Beyond Swaddle Bag'?

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shatteredboo Wed 30-Oct-13 19:51:16

I've recently had to abandon using Gro-bags for my 12 week old DS as he windmills so much at night he's constantly waking himself up. I've started using a swaddle bag by Blankets and Beyond, which was given to us as a gift, and so far so good, he seems to have taken to it quite well. Only problem is I'm not sure how to dress him at night now. I felt confident dressing him safely when he was in Gro-bags, using the guide etc, but after searching high and low on the net, can't seem to find any guidelines for how to dress him when he's in the swaddle bag. Our room is usually around the 16 degrees mark and I have experimented the past couple of nights putting him in either a short or long sleeved body suit and a sleepsuit. The swaddle bag is double layered but not insulated like a gro-bag, so got no idea what the tog equivalent would be. Has anyone used these swaddle bags? What did you dress your LO's in? His chest seemed an ok temp, but his back did seem quite warm.
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance :-)

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