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How long until 17mo DS realises the clocks have changed??

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Bigfingers Thu 31-Oct-13 21:54:05

DS2 was getting up at 5.30am before the clock change. Oh world of pain. 5 days of enforced late nights and finally it is creeping back towards 5.30am new time!! HATE it when people go on about how you get an extra hour in bed. oh do you. bully for you.

I was very smug on Sunday when Ds slept until 7.45. He's been up at 5.30 every say since confused I hope he gets into a new routine soon as I have a week off soon and really don't want to get up that early every day.

sharond101 Thu 31-Oct-13 21:46:55

I feel your pain Salhal. DS seems to be getting slightly later each morning so hoping the pattern follows through. This morning it was 6.30am. He caught up on some lost hours today and had a 2hr 30min nap at lunchtime.

Salhal Thu 31-Oct-13 07:32:01

I would like to know too, if it makes you feel better my early rising children are now getting up at 4 am and the youngest still wakes in the night. I would kill for a 6 am start!

sharond101 Wed 30-Oct-13 13:58:46

DS normally sleeps from 7.30 to anywhere between 7-8am unless teeth are troublesome or ill. On Saturday night we put him to bed as normal and he woke at 6.10am on Sunday. We went by the clock on Sunday and he ate and slept at normal times but continues to wake early and is a nightmare by evening as he is so tired by 6pm he wants to go to bed though I have been keeping him up to his normal time. Monday he woke at 5.50am, Tueday 6am and today 6.06am. How long until he realises the routine has changed??

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