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When did you switch to one nap?

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DeathMetalMum Tue 29-Oct-13 20:05:35

Dd is 7.5 months. We have been doing short morning sleep 45ish mins timing variable between 9-11.30, and one long afternoon nap 2.30/3.30-5-6ish. Last few weeks this has become more difficult, the second nap dd has been going 45 mins max and unable to resettle afterwards. I was putting it down to teething but calpol also didnt improve naps much.

Twice in the past week dd has missed her morning nap (usually in the pushchair) and gone around 12ish and slept at least 2 hours. So more in total than with two naps. Resulting in her being happier overall just grumpy during dinner an afterwards - rather than all afternoon when I can't resettle her. I'm not sure if its too early to push to one nap though, this morning she was clearly exhausted slept for 5 mins on our way to rhymetime with dd1 around 10.30 and woke as soon as we stopped.

Long post I'm just not sure what to do we seemed to have settled into a good pattern for everyone and now doesn't seem to be working again. Also when did your lo drop to one nap? I remember dd1 being quite early certainly before one.

SteamWisher Tue 29-Oct-13 20:34:46

Can you nap at the same time each day? The morning ones look late - both had 45 mins at 9am ish and 2 hours at 12-30/1 ish.

Dropped to one nap at 18-20 months as did most of their peers.

mrsforgetfullness Tue 29-Oct-13 20:37:48

Ds dropped to one nap at 16-18 months

Geckos48 Tue 29-Oct-13 20:38:22

He is about 14 months and has just started dropping his morning nap.

DeathMetalMum Tue 29-Oct-13 21:27:13

Usually nap is around 10-10.30 as thats what time we make it out. Dd2 rarely wakes before 7 if dd1 doesn't manage to wake her then dd2 sleeps until around 8 (or later) anyway so not ready for a nap until later. We do bedtime at 7.30 also so dd needs the later afternoon nap. I think she would happily go to bed slightly earlier but would only be woken by dd1 going to bed so seems pointless.

FranTan Thu 31-Oct-13 12:07:13

Ds is 11 months and has recently dropped his.

schmalex Thu 31-Oct-13 12:10:12

My DS dropped to one nap at about 15 months. Before that he had a morning nap at about 9am for 45 mins and then an afternoon nap.

I think you just need to put her in her cot at the same time each day.

MNPlovespumpkincarving Thu 31-Oct-13 14:00:00

Dropped to 1 nap 12:30 to 3:30 at 9m, tho she slept 20:00-09:00 and sometimes grabbed 30m at 6 if we were in pram or bus.

At 12m now is up at 08:45, breakfast 09:30, lunch 11:30, nap 12:30-3:30, tea 4:45, milk 7:20 and then teeth and into cot with lights out 7:30

brightonbythesea Fri 01-Nov-13 09:36:49

my DD is coming up for 12 months and still usually takes her morning nap. I put her down at 9.30 every day - usually she falls asleep. If she fusses and cries for more than 10 minutes then I just get her out, and she has an early afternoon nap instead, and an early bedtime. 5-6 out of 7 days she still takes this sleep in the morning, so I would say 7.5 months is quite young for one nap. I second the idea of just putting her in her cot at the same time.

MooseBeTimeForSnow Fri 01-Nov-13 09:43:51

My son dropped his morning nap before he turned 1. Can't remember exactly when.

ooievaar Fri 01-Nov-13 11:13:43

DD started to have days with only 1 nap around 6 months, and was consistently only napping once a day from probably about 8m. She would still fall asleep in the car seat at other times though! We just followed her lead and let her sleep when she needed like we have any choice in the matter rather than trying to encourage or discourage any kind of napping schedule (or even pattern, sigh...).

WahIzzit Sat 02-Nov-13 08:39:09

Ds is 13 months and still has two naps in the day. Was like clockwork before, bottle then morning nap 10.30-11-30/12pm. Then nap again 3.30-5ish pm. Recently (past week) however he has gone a day or two with only one nap (morning nap got late so was around lunchtime and slept for 1.5 hours). He refused to settle for afternoon nap so have a feeling he may drop to one at some point in the next few weeks. He is sleeping much better at night since the clock change (8.30pm bedtime then one quick dreamfeed anytime between 4 and 6am then up for the day at 7am).

NotCitrus Sat 02-Nov-13 08:53:36

Mine went to one nap around 9 months. Ds did it by himself and would freak me out with 3-hour naps. Dd was more amenable to a routine and liked her cot so one was easier.

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