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Breaking Geneva Convention on sleep deprevation.

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harpersmum2013 Tue 29-Oct-13 10:35:54

Shes 7 months old and is almost impossible to put down for a nap in the day and wakes up at least 4 times a night sometimes as much as every hour and a half.
Both parents brought to tears. Daddy making mistakes at work and coming back unhappy, mummy doing nothing with her brain at all.
Normal routine is; pyjamas and breast feed at 7.30, sleeps on the breast and goes in her cot. This has been more of a struggle in the last 2 weeks - she is fretfull and awake even after the feed - though rubbing eyes, cranky crying and clearly exhausted. Singing and all that makes her excitable as does a bath. She wakes again at about 11.30 and then again at 2 and 4 to feed and is properly ready for the day between 5:30 and 6. When I put her down after a feed she can wake up again for comfort at least 2 or 3 times between feeds. She also wakes at the slightest sound, eg; daddy snoring. She is in our room although we are planning to move her very unwieldy cot into her own room asap.
She is weaned very nicely and has 3 small meals a day and bits of fruit or veg and even bread in her hand, but I feel like she has all her calories at night because she is so distracted on the breast in the day, only feeding properly for a couple of minutes max.
She is teething, but doesn't seem to be in that much pain with it, - when she is we give her calpol and teething gel and that seems to work.
I know we have to totally change her routine - but don't quite know how as her sleep is such a mess it difficult to know where to start. I have tried dream feeding her but it just means she eats more! She still wakes up an hour later.
Please help!
Thank you

EmmaLL25 Tue 29-Oct-13 14:47:08

I am told after various posts on here about our non sleeper that bf to sleep is problem. Baby wakes up in different place to where they went to sleep and cannot settle.

We are trying Pantley pull off method when going to sleep. Dad is dealing with first wake ups to get out of habit of feeding back to sleep and to reduce evenibg food intake.

Seeing some gradual improvement. We've been co sleeping with side sleeper cot so I don't go bonkers. Going to put side back on soon t move towards own room.

You have my sympathy. We were awake every hour due to teething on Sunday night. Mondays overtiredness was not fun for anyone!

SteamWisher Tue 29-Oct-13 20:40:12

I'd go for an earlier bedtime - the long settling time indicates that she's overtired. or try leaving her after a feed and cuddle and firmly reassure her saying "goodnight" and see if she'll settle. She might cry for a minute or two - just give her a chance. Go back in and cuddle to sleep. That's what I did to get dd to self settle - not CC as such as I didn't stick to the same thing each evening, it was more to give her a chance to fall asleep.
Move her into her own room ASAP and set up a bed in there.

What is she eating? Has her sleep got better or worse since weaning. If worse I would look at her solids - is she eating windy/acidic/hard to digest food (spicy/onions/green veg).

Also get your DH to sleep in another room until she moves out.

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