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baby force feeding himself to sleep? help

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utopian99 Sun 27-Oct-13 19:30:15

10 month old ds - our only one so far.

We have a sleep problem - a week ago and for the fortnight before that he suddenly started sleeping 8-5, which was ace and not affected by cc or training etc. I have no idea why, and then a week ago he changed again and now I cannot put him down. I can get him to sleep as normal, but if I put him down, seemingly fast asleep, he wakes as soon as he touches the cot and cries. If dh does it, he's fine. If I get him to sleep, pass him to dh, and dh does it, he's fine. Why is this??

Also, my main help post, more oddly and a bit worryingly he is happily eating lots at supper, I feed him before bed but he doesn't fall asleep and then seems to be trying to force himself to sleep by overfeeding and then is hugely sick. It's making me quite upset as I know it's impossible for a baby his age but manifests like some sort of eating disorder. I've been stopping him feeding so he won't be sick and trying to rock him to sleep instead but he keeps fighting for boob so hard i assume he still is hungry, give in and then he does it again.
Does anyone have any ideas? It is really upsetting me that he seems to be doing this to himself (with my help). I can stop him and deal with the tears and fighting but why would a baby be behaving like a bulimic? Presumably there is an association gone awry but what have I done to cause it?

Littlebagoflaughter Sun 27-Oct-13 20:45:39

Could it just be that he gets a lot of comfort from sucking? My mum said I would eat until I was sick because I wanted the comfort of sucking, I am now finding the same with ds who is 6 months, he is sick because he's just sucking for comfort and has no more room for the milk! He has only done this since he entered the 4month sleep regression so could your baby be going through something similar? As he's older than my ds I'm just theorising but it does sound very similar to our situation. My mum was able to solve it with a dummy, ds hates them so I'm just trying to stop him from falling asleep when feeding (involves much tedious unlatching and relatching until he will go to sleep off the boob). I know this is a bit different to you as he doesn't fall asleep with the feeding but I hope it may make you feel a bit less worried as I don't think it's unusual for breastfed babies to do this.

Turry Thu 31-Oct-13 08:08:04

Try not to worry about the feeding til sick, my DD used to do it. It was for reasons no darker than because she wanted to feed/ suckle to sleep, but often it would take her longer to actually fall asleep than it would take to fill her stomach. So the dramatic sick would occur, which is both horrible and upsetting, i know! I just let her age it out though - she still feeds to sleep and sometimes still takes quite a while to go down, but hasn't been sick for months now. smile

utopian99 Thu 31-Oct-13 20:32:03

Thanks for the reassurance - am letting him have as much as he wants to unlatch but then not letting him relatch, if that makes sense..
It's just worrying behaviour but I guess probably just misguided suckling then.

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