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Getting desperate... Is cranial osteopathy worth a try?

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emeraldgirl1 Sun 27-Oct-13 11:06:58

Have posted many times about my constantly waking DD... Am so so disheartened this week as we had a few days of progress (two nights in a row of 7-7 with just one waking for a feed in the middle!!!!!!) and my hopes were raised... Now we are back to her waking at 11, 2, 4,5...

I am just so desperate now sad She is 7.5m and I have only broken the 5 hour mark of sleep for myself twice in all that time.

She has a tummy upset at the moment so isn't eating much which may be partly the cause of the depressing regression... Or maybe it's not a regression and the couple of days of good sleep were the blip!! (Please god, no)

Thing is that often she isn't actually waking herself but she is shuffling and crying in her sleep which wakes me. I would leave her as she is not awake but most often when I do that all that happens is she wakes after 5 mins and then it takes me half an hour to get her back to sleep so I would rather dash in and try to soothe her fast before she wakes properly.

Anyway she seems so uncomfortable at times (crying in her sleep etc) that I am wondering in desperation if cranial osteopathy may be worth a try. I am a big sceptic in general but will try anything at this point!!

She is teething hideously badly so this could of course be the reason she is stirring so often at night.

But even so, CO couldn't hurt, could it?? Any success stories, just so I can pin all my hopes on it and then get even more depressed when it fails?!?

And could it make her worse...??

GinGinGin Sun 27-Oct-13 11:09:55

Sorry to say this, but that's probably not bad going for a 7.5 mo!

Turnipvontrapp Sun 27-Oct-13 11:11:42

My 3 DS had it and it was worth every penny. They had colic and it really helped them. They also helped with other issues. I would definitely give it a try.

If you are anywhere near Leeds, can recommend a great place.

Good luck, hope things get better.

Aimeelou28 Thu 31-Oct-13 13:52:58

My LO is 8.5 months and she sounds similar to yours, waking herself up crying and seeming in discomfort, I have to feed her back to sleep. She is waking up horrendous amounts- about half an hour after initially going to bed, then every hour or two after that.

Like you I heard cranial osteopathy might help and we have already taken her for two sessions, she is due her third this afternoon. So far we haven't seen an improvement- admittedly she did sleep more soundly the night after having her treatment both times- but then back to normal. The osteopath says they know what the problem is- something to do with born causing the bones in one leg being twisted up through the hip and up to the diaphragm causing pressures and tensions- but they didn't explain it to me very well. She says she needs a couple more sessions to deal with it. I'm hoping to god she is right and she will get some results because I feel like I can't go back on it now otherwise the money we spent so far will certainly have been a waste.

Our baby does hate having it done. I read so many people saying their babies were relaxed during treatment but mine cries nearly the whole time, so I absolutely dread it!

Good luck whatever you decide to do! x

MNPlovespumpkincarving Thu 31-Oct-13 13:55:39

Give it a go and try adding a layer to her nighttime attire, nights are getting chilly and a few degrees difference can bother babies.

Mollusk Sat 09-Nov-13 20:54:24

I tried cranial osteopathy when DS was a few months old. He is 9mos and still a crap sleeper. HOWEVER, I know people it's worked for, so maybe it's worth a shot. If you're in London, there's this place: It's a charity so you pay what you can afford, but I think they recommend about £35 a session.

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