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room sharing sleep problems....

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crochetcircle Wed 30-Oct-13 21:54:18

We have 2 dd's sharing (2.4 and 14 months), and it was fine until they both hit bad sleep patches and started waking each other. We separated then for 3 weeks whilst we all caught up on sleep, and have done sleep training on the little one during that time, to help her self settle in the night. Tonight is their second night back in together. So far so good!

We need the space so they can't have their own rooms, but it has done us good whilst it lasted!

hsau5185 Wed 30-Oct-13 13:05:11

Somebody out there must have room sharing advice! Help!

hsau5185 Sun 27-Oct-13 07:37:51

I have 2girls 15months and 3years sharing a room..... Have managed to get the youngest to go to bed (crying it out) and am letting her cry during the night if she wakes... Mostly my 3yr old sleeps through this, if it gets very loud I go in and lay on the floor shhh shhh ing til she settles down.....
The problem is if little one wakes between 4.30-5.30am then she is guaranteed to wake my 3yr old (I'm assuming this is because she is getting into light sleep ready for morning) so if I do what I think is right by my youngest and let her cry it out because its not morning then my oldest is woken too early and unable to get back to sleep again....
My other option would b to get my little one up when she wakes and let her think that its OK to wake at `silly o clock'....
They both stayed at my parents house for a few days recently... And both managed to sleep till 7am in seperate rooms!

Anyone with similar sharing issues?
3 yr old is starting nursery next week and 5.30 is not going to work out well for nursery!

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