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Pushchair Naps- only sleep on the move

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WantToMoveNorth Fri 25-Oct-13 13:52:18

My DTs seem happy enough to sleep in their pushchair when out and about but the problem is they only stay asleep if it's contstantly moving. I'm finding it really hard to be flexible and it's getting me down. For example, I can't take my older daughter to any activities during nap times as I can't just park up the pushchair and let them sleep. They also only have naps of 45 mins (even in their cot) so they always seem to be needing a nap! It makes it very hard to see people and I hate it. They are also very sensitive to being overtired, so I don't like them to miss naps. Does anyone have any advice?


maryann970 Sat 26-Oct-13 09:51:38

Hey! How old are they?

I was ultra fussy about ds getting enough naps and sleep when he was around3 months. Like you he would only sleep on the move...or so I thought! My mum told me to just try staying in for a day and see if he will nap at home i his cot. I though 'yeah right!'. he will sleep at home if it is quiet just fine. I'm not saying it was easy as sometimes still he just refuses to nap but once I had relaxed about it all he did nap, for the most part, when he needed it.

What I'm getting at is maybe just try a couple of days to get them to nap at home. If all else fails you can always take them out in the buggy to make sure they get some sleep. Having said that, it must be hard with an older one! All the best and I hope they settle down for you xx

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