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Getting 18mo to sleep through when sharing a room.

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greengiraffe Wed 23-Oct-13 08:31:14

Can anyone help with my 18 month old's sleep?

He goes to bed 7-7.30 every day. He likes to have someone in the room with him while he falls asleep but this only takes 5-10 mins. This is a habit I want to break though.

He was sleeping til 6ish most nights but has started waking anywhere from 4am. Settling him back in his cot is not an option as he shares a room with his brother who is at school and needs to sleep. So he has been coming into my bed, where he sleeps fitfully and I barely sleep at all. DH usually ends up on the sofa. I have no idea how to break this habit when we cannot do settling him in his own room.

He usually has two naps a day, an hour or more before lunch and a cat nap about 3. He's a good eater and happy during the day. He is not quite walking independently yet.

He's in childcare three days a week so any changes to naps would have to be made there as well.

MortifiedAdams Wed 23-Oct-13 08:35:40

I would push the morning nap to 12 (hasty lunch at 11.30) and drop the cat nap.

Also, my LO usually wakes at 4 on colder days. Apparently 4 is the coldest oart of the night. Does the room have its heating on, or could you add an extra layer under his jammys?

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