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Daytime naps for 3mo

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hydeyhi91 Tue 22-Oct-13 15:17:32

My dd is nearly three months old and will only nap for a significant amount of time in the day lying on me.
She goes down really well at night about 7ish and only wakes once or twice.
What can I do to replicate this good asleep (in her cot) in the day time?
She has about 3 naps just over an hour each but it means I can get nothing done because as soon as I put her down her eyes ping open!
I've tried curtains closed, rocking, stroking her hair, dummy and white noise (which she seems to hate!) But nothing seems to make her sleep longer than 5 or 10mins.
She's my first and I just cave too easily and pick her up!
Any tips?

eggsnbeans Tue 22-Oct-13 23:00:32

This is really common! My DD was exactly the same until about 4 months, then suddenly decided I wasn't comfortable and she wanted to sleep in her cot by herself! Honestly don't worry about getting nothing else done, you're doing the most important thing by giving your DD exactly what she needs, and it really won't be for long. I do remember feeling exactly the same as you though, and also feeling rather bereft when she decided she could sleep by herself.

If you can, make the most of it with her, you need to rest too smile and if you have more kids in the future you won't be able to do it with them. She WILL learn to nap by herself eventually grin

If you do need a break though, have you tried a sling or a wrap? My DD used to fall asleep within a couple of minutes of going into our frontpack, which was great when I REALLY had to get things done. Although it only worked until about 3 months, but she is just a particularly strange child, confused most of my friends still use them for sleeps out and about even at 7 or 8 months. Also Ewan the Sheep has seriously saved my sanity sometimes, (still use him now for night crying). I know you said she doesn't like white noise, but the heart beat might work for her?

Good luck x

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