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Is it safe to swaddle a 4 month old?

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Ilovecake73 Tue 22-Oct-13 12:13:16

My Dd has never been a long napper in the daytime, always waking after 40 mins in her cot but today I've swaddled her constantly flapping arms with a cellular blanket and she had now been asleep for over an hour!
My question is, is it safe to swaddle over 4 months and if not is there something similar I can try?
I'm currently in the room with her as worried about overheating, rolling (although she isn't rolling over yet) etc! She is sleeping so badly at night - awake almost very hour from moving limbs that I'd love to give swaddling a go but nervous that it isn't recommended.

Thurlow Tue 22-Oct-13 12:18:05

You can get a lot of mixed messages on swaddling, some places/people say it isn't safe but I believe that is to do with overheating. We swaddled until about 6mo, as that was the only way DD slept. Utterly transformed our lives!

If she seems to like swaddling, you could look at getting a SwaddleMe or a Miracle Wrap, as they are very light and cool and take away the worry about overheating? And make sure they aren't wearing many layers. When DD napped in the swaddle in daytime I would sometimes strip her down to just her vest if I was worried about the temperature.

LindsayS79 Tue 22-Oct-13 17:02:16

Yep agree with thurlow. If you use a proper swaddle like the swaddleme etc they shouldn't overheat as they are thin. I use the woombie and I actually had to put a blanket over my LO last night as she was a bit chilly. I just put it loosely over her legs

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