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Aaa argh!

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washngo Tue 22-Oct-13 03:56:11

My baby is 7months old, and is doing well with sleeping at the moment, except she wakes every night at 3am, she doesn't seem to want a feed (when I feed her she doesn't go back to sleep, it just seems to wake her up more!). I give her a cuddle and put her down, and she then does this infuriating thing where she goes quiet for about 30 secs, then cries for 10 secs (ish). It is like torture as I keep thinking she's gone off to sleep then she starts squawking again! If I go in to her then she starts the full on screaming again. What do I do?

highlandbird Tue 22-Oct-13 04:01:06

No advice for you I'm afraid just wanted to add my sympathy....been awake with my 6 month old for the past hour. He doesn't want to feed either just wants to roll about in his cot squawking. All started with a big poo and changing his nappy seems to have woken him right up! hmm

washngo Tue 22-Oct-13 04:08:33

Thanks highlandbird! Sympathy to you also! Just been in and sung a few lullabies to mine sitting down next to her cot. She pulled my hair through the cot bars and laughed at me, then screamed when I tried to leave the room. Earlier i brought her into my bed, but she still screamed even there, except it was right into my ear instead of a few feet away! On her grobag it says "happy times" which keeps making me laugh when I look at her!

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