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DD not ready to be unswaddled. Please tell me her mental arms will calm down!

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LindsayS79 Thu 17-Oct-13 19:42:30

So I'm having issues with my 3.5 month DD as she is escaping from her swaddleme more and more. I thought she might be ready to be weaned off it but I've watched her unswaddled during naps and her arms go nuts!
She throws them about and scratches her face/head to bits. I tested out trying to put her down tonight unswaddled and she was getting so distressed with her arms at her face that I gave in and swaddled her. She calmed down in seconds and fell asleep.
She's obviously not ready to have free arms but should this behaviour calm down any time soon?!

upanddown83 Sun 20-Oct-13 20:56:36

My ds is 5months and we still swaddle him as he is such a wriggler and it completely settles him.
We have tried all sorts of blanket but have found the double swaddle method (watch YouTube video) works the best and you can just used a normal blanket.
I think my ds will be swaddled til he's a toddler at this rate but it just keep reminding myself he's safe warm and settled!

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