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10 week old and naps - help please

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JRmumma Thu 17-Oct-13 11:24:13

Ive just been reading a website that compares all of the baby awake times, after a day yesterday with hardly any naps and got down to sleep at 10:30! It says that my baby should be awake for about 50-80 mins at a time. As he had then been awake for almost 2hrs i thought id have a go at putting him down, even though he was happily laying on the floor looking around and laughing. He was fed at about 9:45 and i cuddles him to sleep in about 5 mins at 11. but i put him down and he woke after 5-10 mins. He wasn't going to drift back off so i picked him up and he has now drifted back off 5 mins later.

My question is really, as he went off quite easily, does this mean he was actually ready for sleep? And what does it mean if he woke again so soon? We don't yet have a routine for naps etc but should i be starting one now? And should i keep putting him back to sleep if he continues to wake after short bursts of sleep?

I'm a first time mum and haven't read or don't plan to read all the books as what i have read seems to be contradictory depending on who wrote it, so im relying on instincts and tips from mums.

Thanks for any help!

Sammie101 Thu 17-Oct-13 11:36:10

I'll be watching this thread with interest, my DD is 11 weeks and her naps are very inconsistent! My health visitor said it was normal for her to have many catnaps throughout the day (apparently anything over 5 minutes is a nap!) but on the days where she barely naps she is like the devil child! shock

JRmumma Thu 17-Oct-13 11:42:43

Not just me then Sammie! Have you got set nap times? Ive a feeling that's part of where i am going wrong, ive just let him get tired before now, or if we were having a bad crying day then i found myself trying to make him sleep all the time. Over the past week though he has become a different baby and actually wants to play and generally enjoy being awake a bit more so it feels like the right time to put a bit more structure into his day. Yesterday he was definitely over tired but just wouldn't give in!

Sammie101 Thu 17-Oct-13 13:31:03

Nope not yet hmm we have a set bedtime but sometimes DD sleeps loads in the day and other times not so much.
I can't put her down in her Moses basket hoping she'll fall asleep because she screams, she only really likes napping if she's pushed or in my arms! It's nice to have lots of cuddles with her and have a valid excuse to be lazy but I have so many chores to do it's unreal!
I know what you mean about baby enjoying being awake, I think there are just so many exciting things happening that my little girl doesn't want to miss any of it by sleeping! And after we go through the whole trying to get her to sleep routine, she is sleepy but wakes herself up when she's drifting off. And then I end up with a red eyed, overtired little baby who takes ages to settle!
If only they knew how good sleep really was hmm

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