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Evening wakings

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LightminTheQueem Wed 16-Oct-13 21:40:57

DD2 is nearly 6 mo and fed to sleep each evening. She had started to wake less often, only twice a night after that, but more recently has had a cold and has gone back to three or four times a night. She has also started waking up and crying about 45 mins or an hour after I put her in bed, inconsolable, still half asleep and will only calm with feeding. Anyone else has this? What did you do? I had got some time back for myself but lately I am just upstairs feeding for a fair bit of the evening and then I have to get in bed as am knackered.

Icedfinger Wed 16-Oct-13 22:03:54

Just wanted to say my DD is exactly the same. Had been sleeping through or one wake up but the last few nights have been awful. She has a cold too. Think she wakes up and can't breathe properly so just screams!

Littlebagoflaughter Thu 17-Oct-13 20:49:00

Ds has almost always woken up within an hour of going to bed, but it has improved the recently, one of the most important factors has been ensuring proper daytime naps, completely failed to get his usual quota of 3hrs today and we were back to a disturbed evening. I've also tried to change his sleep associations by having a gap between the bedtime feed and putting him in his cot and taking him off the boob before he's asleep during night feeds but every baby is different so I'm not saying you shouldn't feed to sleep, I just found ds was needing milk more and more often to resettle so wanted to change this, too early to say if it's made a lasting difference but we had our best night in weeks last night! Oh and I also play a lullaby on his baby monitor during his bedtime routine, sometimes I can put this on when he wakes and it resettles him though it doesn't always work. I hope you regain your peaceful evenings soon and get better nights as well.

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