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5:30am waking but knackered toddler

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AmericasTorturedBrow Tue 15-Oct-13 14:23:21

We flew back to LA from UK last weds, so this could be a jetlag thing but we're over it in all other ways.

DD (22mo) is going to bed around 7pm and sleeping through til about 5/5:30 (in itself a miracle, she's a chronically awful sleeper) then waking really crying and screaming, rubbing eyes etc. a bottle of milk used to resettle her til about 6:30/7 but now doesn't - now she just wants to watch tv. I've been letting her as we've been gradually addressing the jetlag (which only takes us normally 3-4nights) and of course now I think it's just habit but not sure how to break it.

She can really let rip and if I try to resettle or leave her or bring her to bed, she wakes DS (5yo) who really needs another good hour or so.

Any thoughts?

Madallie Tue 15-Oct-13 14:55:25

Wno advice but we're in the same boat so i totally sympatise with you. My dd is also 22 mo. she sleeps roughly 7 until 5.30 and then is awake but tired too. I've tried earlier and later bedtime but nothing seems to work. Today she woke up crying at 5am and that's after she took ages to go off last night so wasn't asleep until just before 8pm. Today she had to have a nap at 8.30am as she was just losing the plot.

Any advice here too would be greatly appreciated. I'm 24 weeks pregnant with dc2 and exhausted.

Middlesexmummy Tue 15-Oct-13 16:27:32

Do u know what , I think our children are of similar ages and must be going through a regression stage . Mine has stopped self settling at bedtime and the wakes for a bottle at either 11 or 5 . On Saturday it was both!

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