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Sleep regression???

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stitchNting Tue 15-Oct-13 11:10:54

I'm going through the same with my DD who's 15 months. She was sleeping 7-5:30/6 most days but is now waking at 4:30 and won't settle. Another poster suggested separation anxiety but I'd love for her to sleep past 6!! What are your LO daytime sleeps like?

MummyV18 Tue 15-Oct-13 04:29:26

My little boy is 16 months old and never slept through (well he has but only a handful of times) I've been trying to wean him off the night feeds, I've got down to 4oz and he was doing ok but now he has started not going back to sleep. He'll lay awake playing then get up crying. If I try just to put him back down he screams. I have to go fetch him more milk to get him back to sleep. Surely he shouldn't need this?? I'm feeding him up during the day and even tried to introduce super to make sure he was full for bed. Sorry for the long post. Can anyone suggest anything? X

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