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14 mnth old toddler--does he sleep enough?

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dippydon Sat 14-Feb-04 12:16:34

Hi my son is 14 mnths, he used to be a really good sleeper. From 6 months i could put him to bed at 9pm and he would stay there without waking til around 8am, even if i put him to bed awake he would just rollover and close his eyes.

Now he wont even try to sleep until he is literally exhausted . He runs around til 10.30pm--11pm and will not lay down or even sit down. he just wants to be on his feet, but hes whingey. He goes to sleep finally after a fight to lay him down at about 11pm but only if someone stays next to his cot or if he has already fallen asleep downstairs. He then wakes around 4am-5am and usually takes 30 mins to go back to sleep only with one of us ther if we leave the room he screams and i cant let that happen as it wakes my 9 yr old dd. He then sleeps til about 7am-7.30am.

He usually has 2 45 min naps throughout the day.Even though he doesnt sleep much he is never sleepy through the day its just night times from about 7pm upwards he gets sleepy but wont give in.

At the same age my dd use to sleep about 11hrs through the night and about 1.5-2hrs thrugh the day.

I would just like to know if anyone elses toddlers are the same or whether i should ask my doc/hv if there is a reason for him not sleeping longer.

His average sleep in 24hrs is 8-9 hrs that doesnt sound right to me and it certainly doesnt feel right cos im shattered-lol.

twiglett Sat 14-Feb-04 12:24:51

message withdrawn

nutcracker Sat 14-Feb-04 12:37:55

My ds is 14mths old and at the mo he has a 2 hour nap in the afternoon and then goes to bed at around 7:30 pm and sleeps until about 6:30 am. He does sometimes wake up a couple of times though, but will generally go straight back to sleep.
However, i am thinking of reintroducing his morning nap as he is always too tired to eat his lunch. I will probably let him have an hour at about 10am and then let him have 45 minutes in the afternoon.
Sometimes i think he sleeps to much, not that i'm complaining though as his sister hardley ever slept.
Where does he sleep in the day ??? Will he go off on his own then ????

coppertop Sat 14-Feb-04 13:33:29

I think it depends on the individual child, to be honest. It does sound as though your ds is perhaps overtired and maybe needs either longer naps or an earlier bedtime.

My two boys are notorious non-sleepers. Ds2 is 12 months old and usually sleeps for about 8hrs (including naps). Ds1 (3.7yrs) only slept for 6hrs a day as a newborn and isn't much better now. The difference is that neither of them are tired or cranky so this must be all that they need. Unfortunately it's not all that *I* need!

Evita Sat 14-Feb-04 21:18:18

Dd is 16 months old now and sleeps 8pm-7am, then 2 1 hour naps so total of about 13 hours a day. She seems to need that and is pretty grotty without her naps etc.

All kids differ but 8-9 hours does sound particularly little. Somehow you've got to get him drowsy when he's tired, rather than hyper (which is what it sound like happens). Try to find all the things that, well, basically, bore him or wind him down. Turn off the t.v., speak softly, lower lights, don't rise to any antics (cute or naughty) and you may find he starts yawning.

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