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Weird to be co-sleeping with 4yo?

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ClementineKelandra Wed 04-Sep-13 17:42:23

Dd is 4 in a few weeks and we still co sleep.

I have no issues with it at. We both sleep really well and she has her own bed all set up if at any point she decides she'd rather sleep there.

The problem is that I'm now being told its weird to be still co sleeping at dd's age. Friends, Dsis and HV all expressed concerns and made me feel like I'm doing something wrong.

Does anyone else still co sleep with their child at a similar age or older?

GEM33 Tue 10-Sep-13 16:54:21

Why would it be wrong to share a bed with your own child? Not weird. As long as everyone involved is happy with it don't listen to anyone else x

Lucyadams184 Thu 12-Sep-13 17:19:57

I have to say I find it strange I'm afraid. I think it's also very dangerous when the child is young. It's a very mixed bag what people think though and there has been some interesting reading.

LtEveDallas Thu 12-Sep-13 17:32:14

DD is 8 and still spends more time in my bed that her own. DH sleeps in the spare (snoring and jerking - I think he has Sleep Apnea). On days when she sleeps in her own bed I sleep badly, I think I miss her!

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