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Coping with possible sleep apnoea for another 8 weeks til ENT appointment. HOW??

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AidanTheRevengeNinja Thu 05-Sep-13 15:17:56

Ceiling I will PM you in a minute smile

CeilingThomas Thu 05-Sep-13 15:06:28

thank you both so much! I live in north west and when i googled sleep clinics (thats what the paediatrician suggested the ENT would recommend) they were over £2k to go private and we dont' have private heralth insurance. If its £180 for teh ENT appointment thats much more manageable (I'll have to sacrifice food for a month but I need to lose a few pounds anyway!)

How did you go about finding a private ENT and booking an appointment?

THanks again!

AidanTheRevengeNinja Thu 05-Sep-13 08:36:01

^^ oh yes actually, try this first!

3littlefrogs Thu 05-Sep-13 08:30:25

Phone your GP today and explain that the symptoms are much worse.

Appointments can often be brought forward under these circumstances.

My dd had a condition that got worse suddenly. I contacted her GP at 4pm and we were seeing the consultant at 8.00 am the next day, having a MRI scan at 10.00am.

Hope you get somewhere soon.

AidanTheRevengeNinja Thu 05-Sep-13 08:26:57

Sorry I have no experience of this, but we did have a medical problem with our DS and would have had to wait a similar time for an appointment. We decided to pay privately for a one-off consultation and got it within a week. It was £180 for a paediatric ENT specialist around here (North West). Would this be feasible? We had to make sacrifices to do it but I am really glad we did, I could not have waited 8 weeks, and it would have been detrimental to DS too. I am not a fan of private medicine in general and have never used it for myself but needs must.

CeilingThomas Thu 05-Sep-13 08:20:25

Anyone experienced this? Would love to hear your advice...

CeilingThomas Tue 03-Sep-13 21:28:53

Our DS is 18 months old and is displaying all the symptoms of obstructive sleep apnoea: snores like a drunk old man, gasps for breath ALOT, sweaty at night, is tired all day etc. It started last august (2012) and it's getting worse, and worse until now, 12 months later he wakes every 2 hours or so, every night.
We go in and comfort him and either turn him over/prop him up on a pillow or hold him upright as that's the only thing that enables him to breath freely. He pushes us away and points to his cot, he just wants to be asleep. Nothing we or the dr have tried has worked, either medical/pharmaceutical intervention or over the counter or sleep training, co sleeping, or anything.
Anyway saw a paediatrician 4 weeks ago who has referred us to a paediatric ENT for potential obstructive sleep apnoea. Waiting lists are long and we likely have 2 months to go til the appointment is here.

My question is, how can we help our son (and us) get a better nights sleep in the mean time? We tried cosleeping but he gets cross and can't sleep in our bed either (this is the current solution though as its the best of a bad bunch). He pushes us away so we're on the edge of the bed and none of us are getting sleep! We're tried:propping up, humidifiers, air filters you name it.

Those who have experienced this or something similar please share your wisdom, we're in dire need and I just don't know what to do. Me and DH work full time (me 4 days) and I've just started a new job and need to impress but am just a shell of my former self...

Thanks CT

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