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for the love of GOD tell me how to make him sleep

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Fairy1303 Sat 31-Aug-13 01:17:44

10 week old DS. has started sleeping marginally better - had been every 3 hours but has over last 2 weeks started having a big chunk of sleep in the eve - this is from 7.30/8ish until 2am. after this he wakes roughly every 90 mins until 6 when he is up and ready to play.
He physically wont stay up after 8 but I am desperate to try and shift it a bit - he can do 6 hours, if only they we 12 - 6 Imight regain some sanity! any ideas?!

rootypig Wed 04-Sep-13 13:58:14

Read Dr Ferber, if only for the info on sleep patterns. My GP recommended and it has utterly illuminated my understanding of sleep.

ErmtheTrude Wed 04-Sep-13 14:24:25

I used to dream feed as my nights looked pretty similar although if left mine woke at 12. I never tried to manipulate her waking at all, just fed and replaced in cot until next cry for service! She has slept through of her own accord from about 16 weeks, kept the dream feed on until around the six month mark then she lost interest and I dropped it. You just have to roll with it I think at this age and hope for the best, good luck!

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