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How many naps does your 4/5 mo have during the day?

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Bluemonkeyspots Sun 25-Aug-13 21:38:40

Just interested really as its not causing a problem for us as yet but 4.5 mo dd still has 4 naps a day. She really struggles to stay awake for more than 2 hours at a time.

We are very very lucky (touch lots of wood) that she sleeps 8-8 overnight but she can be a little monkey settling during the day for her naps (struggling for 30 mins just to have a ten min nap kind of thing)

Was just interested in what everyone else's was doing at this age, not wanting to wish the baby days away but I am looking forward to a time where she hopefully has 1/2 decent naps during the day rather than 4 cat naps!

CityDweller Mon 26-Aug-13 09:21:27

3 or 4, depending on what time she wakes up in morning / how long they are. Naps can be a bit of a battle for us, in particular getting them to last more than 40 mins. But she's also going thru 4 month sleep regression. Was doing 8 til 5am til 8am, but now wakes every couple of hours.

I think 3 or 4 daytime naps is normal at this age?

Mrsb999 Mon 26-Aug-13 17:38:53

We too are struggling to get our 5 month old to nap any longer than 45 mins at a time during the day! After each nap he wakes up crying so obviously isn't having enough sleep and as a result he's often cranky during the day.

He's a great sleeper at night which I know makes us lucky but I just want him to be happy during the day

BotBotticelli Tue 27-Aug-13 14:12:30

Cat naps are very common at this age. My DS was still having 4 naps per day (30-40 mins each) until he was about 6.5 months old.

I drove myself almost demented trying to 'get' him to sleep for longer cos nobody told me that taking longer daytime naps is more f a developmental change which most babies (not all though!) get round to in their owntime. Wish I had just relaxed about it a bit more and enjoyed the flexibility that it provide for our days.

Now, at 8mo, DS has just suddenly started having just two naps per day: one in the morning at about 8.30am for 45 mins and one after lunch at 1pm for 90 mins (or 2 hours on a bloody brilliant day!).

I did nothing to make this happen: he just suddenly started bein able to stay awake much longer in the afternoon which I think put paid to his 4.30pm ish nap. And at the same time, e started commando crawling which I think makes him really knackered, so he needs a nice long sleep. Also, I think bein fully weaned on 3 meals per day with protein and puddings (fruit or yoghurt) also helps him feel nice and full and sleep longer, but I wouldn't say that weaning itself was the main cause its deffo a developmental thing for my LO.

Just wait and watch your baby's cues: as he gets older e will be able to stay awake longer an will naturally drop the number of naps.

Now DS has a lovely long sleep after lunch but cos he will only do it in his cot (not in the buggy or on my lap) it means we are kinda stuck in the house fr 3 hours from 1130 - 1430 every day which is kind of restrictive on what activities we can do.

milkyjo Tue 27-Aug-13 14:26:31

Ds was having 5 30 minute naps a day until 7 months (he's now 2.8 and has a long nap after lunch). Dd is 5 months and she has 3 naps but still only 30 minutes and I have to feed her to sleep. She is tired all the time and doesn't sleep well overnight. Ds was crap in the day but wonderful in the night, dd is crap in the day and crap at night!

brightonbythesea Tue 27-Aug-13 14:27:22

My DD did 3 45 min naps a day until she was 6 month old. Without fail. It used to drive me nuts I wanted her to sleep for a longer nap, but around the 6/7 month point this suddenly morphed into two longer naps, one in the morning and one in the afternoon and a really short catnap in the eve (in the). She is still doing this now at almost 10 months, but without the catnap. They suddenly learnt to consolidate their naps developmentally, so your little one will do it soon.

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