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How do cope during sleep regression

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KatieLily12 Sat 24-Aug-13 18:51:12

What it says really. It's been hell on toast round here so just wondered what you do, especially at night. Battle on with every effort to make them sleep on give up and get up?

NothingsLeft Sat 24-Aug-13 19:35:11

It's tough. We've been through several (understatement) and would say take it in turns and nap when you can.

The approach varied for us at different times. 4 month sleep regression feeding was the only thing that worked, 9 months we had to do a gradual withdrawal type thing or he screamed with separation anxiety.

We're just hitting the 18 month one and it's different again. How old is your LO?

KatieLily12 Sat 24-Aug-13 20:40:03

There's an 18 month one???? hmmconfusedhmmconfused

She's 9 months. I'm so so broken. She's not a good sleeper as it is and doesn't want anything to do with DP so I do about 95% of care/ settling.

4 nights in a row now of total wakefulness for 3+ hours at a time. I lie with her as she goes bananas in cot. Half tempted to get up if it happens tonight and just let her play. I might get some work done hmm

Teatimecakes Sat 24-Aug-13 20:47:11

Our 4 month one was hell - no other words for it - screaming literally all night with the occasional 20-30 mins of sleep inbetween. We co-slept through it. I was breast feeding so having free access also helped me sleep through some of the wakings. The 8 month one was a bit better but still up 5+ times a night. We used rapid return and it worked brilliantly for us. He now sleeps through most nights - even though he's cutting a tooth (is well dosed up on carpool before bed though! :-)

Teatimecakes Sat 24-Aug-13 20:47:43

Carpool?!? Silly iPhone!! Calpol

KatieLily12 Sat 24-Aug-13 20:59:24

We've co slept till a month ago when she seemed to want her own space. First few weeks were amazing in cot, thought it was a turning point. Only 3 wake ups and semi unsettled evenings! Still early rising but 6 not 5!

I never saw this coming.

I've always returned quickly and she's not a self settler so we were working on going down drowsy. Now it's just survival again.

NothingsLeft Sat 24-Aug-13 23:45:38

We had a similar thing. Co-slept until 5 months, then happy in the cot until 8-9 months when it all went to shit.

It was bloody awful. DS would wake up a lot or worse, for long 3-4 hour, stretches, usually both. I spent forever trying to get him back to sleep in the cot.

If i went through it again I would go back to co-sleeping quicker than I did, rather than spend endless nights on the nursery floor. It was definitely separation anxiety related here.

KatieLily12 Sun 25-Aug-13 07:05:47

The cot is still next to us thank god.

Last night was so tired that just went back into co sleeping mode and passed out once I'd put duvet aside etc. so did she!,god. I feel amazing. Only 6 resettles from bedtime to 6.30? I'll take it.

She's such a difficult little madam- doesn't want to fall asleep on my arms anymore or alone. Trying to get her to cuddle a blanket or toy but she just goes bananas and plays. Watching her suplex a teddy at 3 am is a little heart breaking.

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