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Sleep training help for 14 month old please

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MillyStar Tue 09-Jul-13 12:36:47

Afternoon smile

My first question is would you start any sleep training in this weather or wait a few weeks? I know the heatwave is playing havoc with a lot of little ones sleep!

My DD is 14.5 months old. She's been in her own room since 6 months old and always has her bottle and teeth brushed with me sat on her nursing chair then i've waited until she's fallen asleep on my knee and put her into her cot, I've not been cuddling her she's just lay on my knee supported by a feeding pillow.

I want to get to the stage now where I can put her down awake and leave her as at the moment I have to wait till she's fast asleep and I can wake her up putting her down and it goes on for two hours sometimes ;(

A few of my friends say they brush their little ones teeth then put them in their cot with a bottle and leave them too is, isn't that really bad for their teeth though? So my first question is do I do that or do I give her milk/brush teeth and then put her in her cot?

She has dummies to sleep and if I do leave the room she stands up and throws her dummy out the cot and any spare ones that are in there - I assume to get me back in to pick them up! Should I go back in every single time and pick her dummy up and just make no eye contact? Or would you just wait every ten minutes or something and then go in? I thought about a dummy clip but not sure how safe they are at night!

I really haven't got a clue how to play this, do I keep going in until she settles so she know i'm not abandoned or do I be strong and let her cry till she fals asleep?


KatAndKit Tue 09-Jul-13 22:31:24

It is a major cause of tooth decay to let a baby suck on a bottle to sleep in their cot. After teeth have been brushed children should only have water to drink.
Gradual retreat sounds like something you could try. Start by lying down next to the cot - a mattress will make it comfier for you and hold her hand or whatever she likes through the bars and sneak off when she is asleep. Then the theory is you have chair next to cot, chair in doorway, chair outside open door and eventually you can leave them when they are nearly asleep to settle themselves. I am still at lie down next to cot stage but I have a stubborn one. Don't use a dummy clip in bed, it isn't advised for safety reasons. You could try the sleepytot dummy holder soft toy - I was hoping DS would take to it but he isn't fussed about teddies at all really.

MillyStar Wed 10-Jul-13 09:16:08

Thanks katandkit! I lay on her bedroom floor last night reading a magazine and managed to sneak off at 9.30, the two previous nights had been 10pm so it's hopefully getting a bit better!!

KatOD Wed 10-Jul-13 09:17:06

Try a book called "the sleepeasy solution" has worked for me and a few of my friends with children of various ages.

MillyStar Wed 10-Jul-13 19:52:33

Kitandkat does yours cry when you are lay by the cot?

I e been here 20 mins and my dd is crying hysterically and gets worse when I say lie down nicely so might just ignore her now!

FadBook Wed 10-Jul-13 20:00:58

I like the same pattern at bed time. I'm not a routine person but I appreciate that my dd likes consistency and knows what coming next.

So, do you do stories with her whilst she's sitting on your knee? Are they the same ones?

I would get in to this habit of reading stories each night. Don't change anything else, but introduce stories in between or having milk and cleaning teeth. Talk about the stories before bed and talk about going to bed, to sleep too. They do understand a lot.

Then start to change where you read the stories, so for example start putting her in the cot and read stories and then read with her. Even if it is 10 stories until she goes to sleep with you there. You might have to go back to the chair, but just start introducing the cot to read, and she may even instigate reading in the cot.

I can't remember exactly when my dd would sleep on her own but I do recall her taking herself off to bed one night and DP and I being shocked. She knew to get in to bed and pointed to her stories, which we read, and I was about to read another and she rolled over and said 'night' grin

I also took the side off the cot at around 16 months which was a really good move for us. Some will say it was too early but for us, this was the start of DD understanding her own bed and wanting to get in to bed and go to sleept.

Hope this makes sense. We had a nightmare with DD's sleep in the sense that she never slept through, but she's alway enjoyed 'going' to bed and I have put this down to being consistent each night with milk, stories, teeth, stories, cuddle, dummies, bed (now in that order but has differered over the months!)

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