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Too scared to sleep?

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bobbynog Mon 05-Jun-06 14:45:48

DD (2.5) has always been a fantastic sleeper. We have just come back from a weeks holiday, and went to pop her to bed as usual last night, but every time we closed the door she would start sobbing the the jagulars (something mentioned in a winnie the pooh book, that is now in the bin!) were going to get her. We tried leaving the door open, leaving lights on, telling her there was no such thing - then we tried the tough parent routine - no talking, simply saying it is time to go to sleep - eventually she fell asleep at 10.30, absolutely exhausted.
I am dreading tonight - any strategies for coping?

happymummy2 Mon 05-Jun-06 15:56:25

Don't know if this will help but you could try to play the game of sending the bad things away! I used to do this with children at work, simply pretend you have found them under the bed or wherever she can see them when she joins in and chase them out of the house shouting Go Away and Don't come back very loudly. Then slam the door and do your bedtime routine, sounds a bit silly and may feel uncomfortable but I have found it has really worked in the past! If it does not work then you can do a magic spell that stops them from EVER coming back!!
Hope this does not sound too silly!! and Good LUck, let me know how you get on if she tries it!!

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