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19 month old not napping properly since illness

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PleaseDoNotAdjustYourSet Tue 02-Jul-13 08:16:17

Toddler has chickenpox and although it is scabbing over and getting better, think its still itchy. Sleep ha been very much disturbed used to do 7pm-6am, amd is now waking at 4am but going back down at 5am for an hour and a had.

Night times aren't too bad all things considered, but naps are awful. Used to do 12.30-2-2.30pm, now it's a quick 40 min nap then wake up in tears rubbing eyes. I'll put her back down and she'll nap for another 20 mins this will continue until we both give up amd dc is tired and crying until bedtime.

She woke sleep on me either. How do I get her naps back again, or do I wait until the chickenpox has completely gone?

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