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DS keeps settling on his own...what should I do?

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MoreSnowPlease Mon 01-Jul-13 20:28:46


MoreSnowPlease Mon 01-Jul-13 20:27:15


DS is 12mo and has always been an awful sleeper...always co slept, breastfed, spent first 4 months needing vigorous rocking for hours just to sleep for 10-30 mins and start the cycle again, I always need to go to bed with him as he wakes every hour and needs feeding back to sleep etc etc etc....

Anyway, just thought I would offer some hope to those struggling with rubbish sleepers....he is starting to get better. He has been waking after sleep cycles and shock horror settling himself back to sleep! Without rooting around for Boone, crying, shouting anything, just rolling around, getting comfy and sleeping! I think this happened for the first time at around 10 months but as a one off, but the last few nights he has done it a good few times and only been waking about 4 times a night! We are getting somewhere finally!

Interestingly his molars have just popped through, 4 in one week.....I wonder if all bad sleepers are having teething trouble!

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