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Do I need to stop co sleeping?

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HopHopHoppitySplash Mon 01-Jul-13 12:37:41

DD is 9 months and has coslept since 1 month, I am a lone parent so we have the double bed to ourselves, I've taken the frame away so it's just the mattress on the floor incase of rolling out, and the duvet goes on the floor when we sleep, and either wear a dressing grown to sleep, or use a thinner blanket if it's really cold. I have one pillow in the bed, but I sleep with it above my arm so there's no way of her getting to it.

DD has just started rolling both ways and can shuffle herself around in circles, she kept turning onto her tummy to sleep last night, instead of being on her side in feeding position to sleep, is it still safe to cosleep with her doing this or should I put her into a cot now? and if it is still ok, is there any other things that need changing?

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tiredpooky Tue 02-Jul-13 13:16:08

well if u r both enjoying it then u can carry on, i guess u r worried about safety? if she can roll onto her tummy and back then its safe to leave her on her tummy. i have double mattress on floor too for my 10m boy (and prior for my now 4y girl) i have a Lindam side on the babies side to stop him rolling out, altho it clearly states it not until 18m, risk i think of baby standing and going over the top. the 1 night i took it down (to pack for a flight) found him halfway across the floor having rolled out. sounds like you r doing well with the safety side

LandaMc Tue 02-Jul-13 16:43:19

I've read that once they can roll it's actually safer as they can roll away from hazards like blankets instead of getting stuck.

I find it hard to picture the bed arrangement. The key question is, is there anything that baby could roll into, eg duvet, that she wouldn't be able to breathe through?

Other thing to watch out for is never start thinking 'it's probably fine' if you're not sure. I was cosleeping my 3 month old and started off doing it properly (me in dressing gown, duvet up to waist). Gradually standards slipped and duvet got higher and I began to think it's fine if duvet is just over me and baby a foot away. A few days ago I got kicked awake by baby and it turned out duvet had somehow moved and was over his face. When I threw it back he began gasping for breath! I was very shaken and he now sleeps in cot next to bed. Sounds like you're doing it better than me but I wanted to share the story because it's so easy to start thinking 'it's probably fine'...

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