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Start Baby Whisperer / EASY at 9 months? Or something else?

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jumperooo Thu 27-Jun-13 09:48:07

Tried to put her down in her cot sleepy but awake 30 mins ago, she continuously rolled over, sat up and stood up in her cot. Then cried. I am sat in her room and she is now asleep on me


IWillStartOnMonday Thu 27-Jun-13 09:41:07

Do you put her down sleepy but awake at the moment? That's the first step if not. You can follow the advice in the baby whisperer book about how to do that. As long as you put her into her cot at the 'right' time, ie when she is ready for a sleep, fully winded, fed etc, them she should fall asleep on her own. You might need to leave her to cry for 5/10 mins though as very few babies fall straight asleep without a little cry.

When i first tried putting my DD in her cot awake for a lunchtime nap, i thought 'this will never work'. She cried for 2.5 minutes and then fell asleep for 2 hrs.

You could try her pick up and out down method if she continues to cry. Never too late to start. Good luck.

jumperooo Thu 27-Jun-13 09:02:25

DD is 9 months old next week. She was a great sleeper, slept through the night from 3 months to 7.5 months. Not sure if its a sleep regression or development leap, or a permanent change but she is waking multiple times in the night. After six weeks of waiting it out, I'm wondering if we need to do something more drastic.

She won't nap in her cot during the day so that's also something I want to address, rather than have her sleeping on me twice a day.

I've briefly read about the EASY routine and wonder if this would work at 9 months or if its too late, or if yheres something else worth trying. I really don't want to resort to CIO.


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