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Is there a crawling/10 mth sleep regression??

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SquidgersMummy Tue 25-Jun-13 17:06:50

DD 10mth - we've gone fm waking at 7.20, feeding to sleep for 30/40 min morn nap with 2 hr afternoon nap to suddenly being too busy to sleep, pinging around the place, feeding to sleep not working and only managing 1 hour of nap a day (despite being tired!) Mummy used to love the 2 hr nap on the bed What's going on?? Still waking up at 7.30ish but a bit of a battle at bedtime. According to the Wonder Weeks thing this is a 'stormy' time with developmental progress - which I would go with - will it settle down though? We have never had a strict routine. Does this mean I am always going to have to get dressed on time to troll round the streets with the buggy at 9.30am. Is it payback for a late riser? Recently gone fm cosleeping to going in the cot because she is so shattered until she wakes at 12/1.

My DM and MIL would love this.....I can hear it now 'all this lentil weaving holding the baby and feeding to sleep and co-sleeping: see where it's got you!!!'

Any thoughts.

<weeps into cup of tea at loss of afternoon nap>


I don't have the answers but just wanted to say if she's acting out if character it probably is just a phase. I'm pretty sure most babies don't drop down to one nap a day until after 12 months. DD is 8 months and has been all over the place with naps lately but I'm trying to remind myself that they are learning and growing so much that they will have these little phases. it's hard not to see these things as a permanent hardship, especially when they involve less sleep - but as the parent of an incredible sleep-fighting DS who now self settles and sleeps through at night and has a good 1-2 hour nap in the day unaided I know it's possible that even the worst nappers can get better with time. whether it's development leap, sleep regression, learning a skill, teething or whatever - if she's always been a good sleeper she will be again I'm sure. my advice (that I never take myself as I'm too busy stressing) is do whatever works at the time, this too shall pass.

and as for your DM and MIL are you sure that's what they'll think or are you assuming you know what they think? they're 2 very different things. firstly it doesn't matter what they think, you are your DD's Mum and do what's best for her and actually I believe research has shown that babies who have their needs met in infancy grow into independent, securely attached children and adults. so there grin

stargirl1701 Tue 25-Jun-13 21:38:38

My DD is 9 months and is all over the place at the moment! Some days 40 min nap - today 2 naps totalling nearly 4 hours. Crying about everything. Clingy. Laughing & giggling.

Stormy. grin

I think it'll settle. This too shall pass!

mrsannekins Tue 25-Jun-13 21:44:45

I think with every major change in their development, everything else goes out of the window. DD is nearly 18 months, and we've just come through a week from hell, but she's stacking cups, spouting new words all the time and holding a pencil like a grown up would. (oh and running everywhere..walking is too slow now)

It's very hard at the time, but it does pass and you'll be so very proud of your DD for what she's about to show you she can do.

As for your DM/MIL, we all do what we need to do to get through it, especially the stormy weeks, so if you find something that works, stick with it, and put two fingers up to everyone else. I am often accused of being a little like homer simpson in that when ever someone tries to give me advice that I have no intention of following, I get a glazed expression as if there is a little monkey playing the cymbals in my head..

NeedlesCuties Tue 25-Jun-13 22:37:50

OP, you seriously took the words out of my mouth. My own 10 month old is like that this past few weeks and I'd been baffled.

Seriously I don't remember my DC1 doing this 3 years ago as a baby, but I could have just forgot it in a mist of sleeplessness and rose tinted specs.

NeedlesCuties Tue 25-Jun-13 22:39:31

Also, check out this thread was set up for mums struggling with 8, 9, 10 etc month sleep regression. Is part 2 of an earlier thread.

SquidgersMummy Wed 26-Jun-13 16:54:35

Hi all - just wanted to say thanks: really reassuring. We have had a better day: I pounded the streets this morning with the buggy so she could nap, so she then ate better - so she eventually managed an afternoon nap we have a lot of early morning wakings so I need this nap to be able to think straight. I think she is learning new things so fast, and needs so many cuddles at the moment, that it must be a developmental spurt. She's happier with two naps for sure. Thanks xxx

Trying2bMindful Wed 26-Jun-13 17:07:24

I hear you Op! We've been there,,, from about 10/11 months until last night. Phew. DS is now 13 mo and we had got so used to his night waking that when he slept for 11 hours straight last night I woke up in a panic at 515 thinking i had lost him under the duvet!!! When I realised he was still in his own bed in his own room I snuggled back down to sleep..... Only to watch DH in amusement when the alarm went off at 645. DH had a proper panic and went rushing in to check DS was still alive (not an over exaggeration either as a family member has had 2 children die in the last year so DH panic was very real).
His relief and the realisation that DS slept for 11 hours straight led to some lovely excited hugging and kissing which I'm not sure a just woken up DS appreciated!
So yes, I don't know what happens in the last few weeks of their first year but frequent waking is certainly a symptom!
DS learnt to walk and had loads of teeth come through so we put it down to that. They are still so young and developing so fast I don't think their brains can cope with it all.
I'm still bf and DS would have a proper feed at each waking. Gulping the milk down like a starved child. Hanging onto me until he was satiated and fell back to sleep. Only problem was how long it went on for. Waking at 1am and 430am is a real Pain when youve gone back to worm so cannot nap during the day!!!!
Fingers crossed we are out of it now. Some of the other mums I know experienced similar things albeit for much shorter periods.
Good luck. It won't last forever. Have you read The Wonder Weeks? That is worth having as it explains brain developments and helps you predict when these unsettled periods will be and explains them when they arrive.

SquidgersMummy Thu 27-Jun-13 11:34:45

Hi Mindful,
So did the magic work a second night? Hope you spread out right under the duvet to make up for the cold, squoshed nights wink Squidger has never slept thru, still firmly feeding at least at 12 and 4, so I think I'd be terrified if it ever does happen. So sorry to hear of the deaths in your family: truly, truly awful. I go back to work PT in aug - I think I'll have to hide in the loo for a power nap. I've heard they feed more those nights too to make up for it - which is fine. X

Trying2bMindful Fri 28-Jun-13 22:00:16

Hi squidge! No it was a one night wonder but I am looming forward to the next one!!
I'm back at work and I'm not sure if him feeding at night is a consequence or a coincidence......
I'm sure he will grow out of it in due course but to keep me focused i keep in touch with my lll group & some other more AP like groups on fb. Ie those that support bf mums in normal life!!
Good luck returning to work. It was a real shock to me!!!!

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