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Can't get to sleep - age 38, any suggestions?

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glassofwine Thu 01-Jun-06 00:28:23

Been finding it hard for the last couple of weeks to sleep, not helped by DH's snoring. Have been sleeping on sofa, or he is, but get worried at night that am not going to sleep, then don't. Last night I had 1 1/2 hours, but had a sleep this afternoon for another 1 1/2 hours as DH off work this week. Now it's late and I'm worrying again - any tips? Perhaps it's because I was bottlefed .

spacedonkey Thu 01-Jun-06 00:48:09

awww poor you gow!

Have you tried relaxation exercises - breathing ones maybe?

A long bath before bedtime?

Get dh to give you a lovely massage?

Stop all caffeine/stimulants?

erm ...

will try to think of more

When I can't sleep I just go with it and get up, have a cup of tea (herb of course) and read a book until I feel sleepy again. The worry that you won't sleep will make the situation worse, but it is hard not to :-S

spacedonkey Thu 01-Jun-06 00:49:22

if it carries on, go and see your doc - he/she might give you some sleeping pills (a week or so's supply) just to get you on your feet again as it were

or try something herbal like Kalms?

spacedonkey Thu 01-Jun-06 00:50:06

or perhaps some essential oils that aid sleep in one of those oil burners or just sprinkled on your pillow - not sure which ones are best for that though

spacedonkey Thu 01-Jun-06 00:50:52

or as a final resort, I could send you my open university audio CDs - GUARANTEED to make you drop off!

Lact8 Thu 01-Jun-06 00:52:25

You have my sympathy gow, the more you thnk i've got to go to sleep, the wider awak you become!

Have you tried the warm bath? Milky drink?

When I get like this I have to put fave pj's on, wrap myself up as much as I can, rest a book on the pillow and read until I drop off

I have heard that everyone should stop watching TV at least half hour before bed because it stimulates the brain too much

Or you could try my mums remedy of a few drops of lavender on your pillow

Are you worried about anything that stopping you sleeping?

Lact8 Thu 01-Jun-06 00:54:19

SD, you fast typer!!!

Four posts to my one

<Lact8 not sleeping tonight and using insomnia to practise typing skills>

spacedonkey Thu 01-Jun-06 00:54:27

afraid to say ... mumsnetting won't help :-S

Lact8 Thu 01-Jun-06 00:57:08

HAve we bored you to sleep gow?

spacedonkey Thu 01-Jun-06 00:58:17

I could show you my holiday photos?

Lact8 Thu 01-Jun-06 01:02:38


This is SD, Mr SD?, little donkeys in the taxi on the way to airport

This is SD, Mr SD?, little donkeys arrivinf at airport

This is SD, Mr SD?, little donkeys at the check in, oooh, note passport cover matches the luggage

<Lact8 hits stopwatch, darn it still taking her forever to type!!>

spacedonkey Thu 01-Jun-06 01:04:58

here's the bidet in our hotel room

and look at this one of the corby trouser press!

this was the breakfast buffet, i took one of each dish, what a spread!

now I simply couldn't resist taking a series of photos of these door hinges - I think you'll find there's nothing quite like this in the UK with the double flanged cylinder mechanism


Lact8 Thu 01-Jun-06 01:07:30


<whispers> Do you think she's asleep yet?

spacedonkey Thu 01-Jun-06 12:50:31

lol lact8 i dunno about her but i certainly was!

eggybreadandbeans Mon 05-Jun-06 00:38:32

Hi. First time on Sleep board. Saw your thread and thought I'd post. Had a spell of insomnia myself last summer, for a few weeks like you, and know how you feel. Cr*p.

Had similar situation where I ended up worrying so much about whether I'd get enough sleep, that I didn't, of course. Apparently the worry-about-whether-you'll-sleep is the factor that most prolongs a bout of insomnia.

I was getting exasperated and knackered, so ordered a helpful book off Amazon (US Amazon, I think). Summary of tips:

- Providing we get 5 hours' sleep a night, that's enough to function fine. So focus on getting a 5-hour chunk
- Get some sunlight first thing on waking, to kick-start sleep/wake rhythm
- Go to bed only when tired, not by clock
- Keep bedroom for sleep and sex - not TV, computer, etc; bedroom should become sleep cue
- Cheesy self-help bit, but change the way you talk to yourself; change, "I don't think I can sleep," to, "I always fall asleep eventually." Was surprisingly helpful
- Try to get up at roughly the same time every day, whatever
- If you don't nod off within 20/30 minutes of getting into bed, get up and out doing something again, so bedroom remains prompt for sleep and not being awake
- Take 5-HTP (protein supplement available from health food stores) which boosts serotonin production and also aids sleep, without side effects. Take half-an-hour before you expect to turn in
- Do 20-30 minutes' exercise in the afternoon/early evening, or have hot bath 2 hours before bed (both cause rise, then fall, in body temperature; the fall helps with sleepiness)
- Naps are OK, but limit to 40 minutes

The book, if you're interested, is "Say Goodnight To Insomnia" (Gregg D Jacobs). I just dipped into it - was cured before I finished reading!

One other thing I took to doing - don't know why - was sleeping with a pillow between my knees again, as I'd done when pregnant. (I sleep on my side.) I found it much more comfy, so maybe that helped too.

Really hope you're sleeping better soon. Good luck.


Hoopoe Mon 05-Jun-06 14:27:43

ebab - good post. i had horrible insomnia when preggies combined with anaemia. was a complete psychopathic zombie. still struggle a bit so will try your tips.

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