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Any point in starting sleep training (gradual retreat a la millpond) before moving house?

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roamingwest Sat 22-Jun-13 20:23:23

We were temporarily living in a city 2 hours away from home (due to DH's job) when dd was born. She's now just 5 months. I've spent most of my mat leave shuttling up and down with her to spend time with both DH and people at home. She has slept in a travel cot in both places since outgrowing her crib about a month ago. She is generally a bit unsettled for a night or two each time we travel but hasn't taken it too badly. And slept well (for her) on holidays recently.

So I have been breastfeeding ( also breadtfeefing to sleep at night) and gradually weaning to bottles. We are moving again in 2 weeks and I am going back to work (part time, she will be in nursery). Reverse cycling was getting ridiculous, so I went cold turkey on bedtime and nighttime feeds 2 nights ago - as I expected it was brutal, but she let me rock her to sleep more easily last night, and I'm hoping tonight will be better again.

So my question is, should I keep going with the programme (over about 3 weeks try to get her to settle with less and less intervention) or should I just leave well enough alone for the moment, settle into the new house, then start from the 'rocking' stage?

Also, should we move her into her own room straight away in the new house (proper cot bed) or leave her in with us in the travel cot for a bit?

I don't know much about the psychology of baby sleep so would appreciate some guidance. Thanks! smile

roamingwest Sat 22-Jun-13 21:56:15

I should add, I gave her formula feeds overnight, then rocked. Should have made that clear blush. I'm not into starving babies! smile

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