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21 month old dropping lunchtime nap?

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Pennies Wed 31-May-06 19:33:19

DD1 was sleeping 2 hours at lunchtime until recently. Now is reluctant to settle and when she does she won't sleep for long. Today she didn't sleep at all.

Anyone else's LO given up the daytime nap so young?

Am gutted. Someone tell me it's just a phase. Please.

CADS Wed 31-May-06 19:40:48

Sorry, not good news here. DS stopped napping at the same age. I was gutted too, extremely. Sometimes, when I've had enough, I put him in the car and go for a drive, he goes to sleep and most of the time if i get home quick enough I can usually get him to bed without waking him.

The only problem is I have to wait till at least 2pm and then he won't go down in the evening until 9-10pm, but sometimes it is worth it just to have an hours peace, at least in the evening there are two us to deal with him.

sparklemagic Wed 31-May-06 19:41:23

Phew, don't know whether to say this Pennies but my DS did this at almost exactly the same age - by two he was not napping in the day, there was just nothing I could do to get it back

Physically and emotionally he could actually still do with a nap (he's rising four now!) and it's a shame he lost them, but I got into a routine of going out late morning, so that he would nap in the car on the journey, he often had over an hour in the car and it is enough to refresh them I think...

but I know how you feel, I really LOVED his nap time as it gave me time to have lunch, clear up from the morning, and prepare dinner as well as the all important cup of tea and magazine! It certainly has made the days a little more hectic having DS' company all day long!

I would say keep offering the nap for a while yet, she may go back to it; my Ds didn't but I'm sure some do! Also, if she is still in a cot and happy to amuse herself, you may be able to stick to this as quiet time for her to play on her own, even though she won't sleep?

Pennies Wed 31-May-06 19:49:05

No no no this is not what I wanted to see. I wanted someone to give me hope by saying something along the lines of "my LO did this for a couple of weeks and then reverted back to sleeping even better than she did before". I think I'm going to have to face facts that life will never be peaceful again.

Driving around not an option as have 5 month old dd2 and I want her to sleep in a cot. Also have no driveway so can't leave them to sleep in the car even if I did take them for a drive and don't fancy an hour of London driving each day!

sparklemagic Wed 31-May-06 20:06:04


Think positive, make the most of this time because in about...erm...sixteen months time your dd2 might be with you all day too if she gives up her naps at the same age!!!!

<runs away>

CADS Wed 31-May-06 20:38:03

Try to encourage 'quite time' then. I managed two weeks with ds, unfortunately I didn't stick to it so it ended.

sugarfree Wed 31-May-06 20:45:27

Ds3 just dropped his at 2.7.
He now has a short one every three days or so but they've been happening on the sly(on the sofa,on the floor,just as I dish dinner up etc.Maddening)
I think he need half a nap really.

Ds1 dropped his at about the same age but went back to having an hour in the afternoon for a while when he started play group.

Ds2 dropped his at 18 months and that was the end of that.

FloatingOnTheMed Mon 05-Jun-06 08:01:54

my dd never had a proper daytime nap, i couldn't get her settled during the day at all although after 6 mo she was settling to sleep no probs at night. She grabbed naps in pushchair, buses, in sling. am v that you've had naps for this long!

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